Awkward Authenticity: Episode 426

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Awkward Authenticity: Episode 426

Mar 31, 2016
Guests: Andrew Hess, Carrie Kintz, Sammy Rhodes and Greg Smalley

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Balancing authenticity and holiness, plus campus minister and Twitter king Sammy Rhodes on the value of awkwardness, and are you in love with a non-Christian?

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Better Than Broken

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Andrew Hess and Carrie Kintz

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Does God want you to be a mess? With the way some Christians talk about brokenness, sin, "getting real" and all the other catchphrases for Christian authenticity, you'd think messiness is the litmus test for mature faith. Sure, humility and an awareness of our depravity apart from Christ are important, but as Brett McCracken asked in his article, has "authenticity" trumped holiness? This week's panel talks about what it means to be real without clinging to either our sin or self-righteousness.

Awkward in a Good Way

Guests: Sammy Rhodes

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If you want to have an awkward conversation, bring up topics like body image, divorce, depression and pornography. Not exactly the things you look forward to talking about over coffee. But that pretty much describes how campus minister Sammy Rhodes spends his days. And what's more is that he likes it! According to Sammy's book, This is Awkward, getting to the heart of awkward subjects is where true intimacy can be fostered, because nothing is too awkward for God.

Unequal Love

Guests: Greg Smalley

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You're dating the best person in the whole world. Everything is going great. You just can't believe how well you click. Everyone thinks the two of you are made for each other. The only thing that's not perfect is your beloved is not a Christian. Dr. Greg Smalley offers his best advice for the situation.