Culture Club: Episode 423

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Culture Club: Episode 423

Mar 10, 2016
Guests: Cassie Cooper, Adam Holz, Dakota Sandras, Mandy Hale and Candice Watters

[51:17] - 

Owning our cultural references, plus Mandy Hale on being secure in your singleness, and a critical girlfriend learns grace.

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Childhood Memories

Guests: Cassie Cooper, Adam Holz and Dakota Sandras

[22:23] - 

What generation "owns" the Star Wars franchise? Well, it depends on who you ask. The fact is, childhood memories have a huge effect on us, especially when they involve landmark cultural experiences and references. What happens when your favorite cultural benchmarks get replaced with new ones? Do you start to feel old? You just might after this discussion.

Secure Singleness

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Mandy Hale

[21:07] - 

One thing author and speaker Mandy Hale's learned over the years is to be secure in her singleness by finding beauty and purpose in the waiting. After ending a toxic on-again, off-again seven year relationship, she wrestled with God over whether He cared for her or not. Mandy shares stories from her book, Beautiful Uncertainty, with honesty to encourage us all.

Critical Girlfriend

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:19] - 

No one likes a finger-pointer, especially in a dating relationship. A young woman recognizes she is one, but doesn't want to be. Relationship advisor Candice Watters helps this girlfriend change her tack and learn a more graceful way to communicate with her beau.