Dating With a Passport: Episode 437

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Dating With a Passport: Episode 437

Jun 16, 2016
Guests: Ken Clingenpeel, Ivette Diaz, Ashley Mazelin, Jim Daly and Greg Smalley

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Spouse must-haves—then and now, plus Focus on the Family president Jim Daly on doing marriage God's way, and help for a couple living in different countries.

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Are We Too Shallow?

Guests: Ken Clingenpeel, Ivette Diaz and Ashley Mazelin

[20:38] - 

Do you think there's any common ground between what people wanted in a spouse in your grandparents' day and what they want now? Turns out someone made a chart on this very subject. How do Millennials fare compared to our grandparents when it comes to wanting the most important qualities in a mate? Our roundtable discusses the findings and matches them against our own ideals.

Marriage, Right Side Up

Guests: Jim Daly

[30:32] - 

Though marriage seems optional and even trivial these days, we know that God's Word begs to differ. What's happening to marriage in a culture where seemingly anything goes? Focus on the Family president Jim Daly gives biblical marriage its due, straight from his new book, Marriage Done Right.

A Relationship Gone Global

Guests: Greg Smalley

In love and living in different countries sounds like the premise for a perfect Saturday night rom-com, but for one couple, this reality is not living up to its romantic promise. Dr. Greg Smalley offers advice to this global duo.

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