Finding Family: Episode 459

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Finding Family: Episode 459

Nov 17, 2016
Guests: Jason Daron, Keila Figueredo, Ella Zehr, Andrew Scott and Joshua Rogers

[45:32] - 

Creating family wherever you are, plus a very Millennial way to do world missions, and our listener wants dibs on her BFF.

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A Bond Thicker Than Blood

Guests: Jason Daron, Keila Figueredo and Ella Zehr

[18:25] - 

Statistics show that people of faith are more likely to spend time with extended family. But what if you’re single and your family is far away? Then it’s time to adopt a family (or ten) into your life. Our panel discusses the pluses and practicalities of building a surrogate family through intentional relationships at church and beyond.

The Uttermost Parts

Guests: Andrew Scott

[19:16] - 

“Go ye into all the world … and do your job and live a normal life.” That’s a pretty bad paraphrase of Mark 16:15’s call to preach the gospel. But Andrew Scott, author of Scatter, argues that it’s not a bad application of it. As CEO of Operation Mobilization USA, Andrew is passionate about seeing the gospel go to the far reaches of the globe. But he claims one of the most effective ways to make this happen is to take our normal selves — our jobs, talents, hobbies and need for relationships — into some part of the world and stay there. By scattering, we multiply. Listen in for more on this exciting concept.

Leave My Friend Alone

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[4:48] - 

One listener is fed up. She enjoys doing things with her best friend, but she doesn’t enjoy her friend’s puppy-dog admirer following them around all the time. Her friend says she’s not interested in him, but all attempts to shake him off have failed. Is there anything our listener can do? She’d like her best friend back. Joshua Rogers offers advice.

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