Finding Your Place at Work: Episode 442

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Finding Your Place at Work: Episode 442

Jul 21, 2016
Guests: Erica Pridey, Kelly Rosati, Joy Beth Smith, Jessica Stollings, Roberta Perno and Transform DJs

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More on the power of today's single woman, plus Jessica Stollings on Millennial strategies on the job, and a question about saying "no" to a relationship.

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Women in Power

Guests: Erica Pridey, Kelly Rosati and Joy Beth Smith

[26:51] - 

We talked before about the power of the single woman today, and what that means when it comes to education, work, money, freedom and relationships. The fact is, women have incredible opportunities in today’s culture and market, but what does that do to the stereotypes of the “traditional” woman? What about the Christian woman? Our panel of modern, Jesus-loving women continues the conversation.

The Generational Job Scene

Guests: Jessica Stollings

[24:02] - 

Being in today’s competitive workforce isn’t just about holding a job. It’s about fitting in, proving yourself, contributing and making a difference. But that can be tricky when you’re working with different generations that tout varying viewpoints and values. Jessica Stollings knows this landscape well. As a Millennial who also happens to be a generational expert and founder of ReGenerations, Jessica draws from this experience to teach us how to best navigate relationships at work and beyond.

God Says We’re Meant to Be

Guests: Roberta Perno

[5:06] - 

He's convinced that God wants them together, but she’s quite frankly creeped out by him. Would God really force her to give this guy a second (and third) look? When is it OK to say “no” to someone you don’t like, but who says God is on his side? Counselor Roberta Perno offers advice.

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