Getting Ahead: Episode 418

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Getting Ahead: Episode 418

Feb 04, 2016
Guests: Amie Adams, Brandon Wilson, Paul J. Pastor and Joshua Rogers

[46:36] - 

Balancing godly ambition with selfish desire, plus author Paul J. Pastor on the Holy Spirit's role in daily living, and some insight on the yoga pants dilemma.

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Holy Ambition

Guests: Amie Adams and Brandon Wilson

[21:10] - 

Balancing godly ambition with selfish desire can be quite tricky in today's work environment. How can you tell if you're trying to reach your God-given potential or simply running after prestige and a bigger paycheck? A panel of employed millennials wrestles through the issue with candor and self-examination.

Thoughts on the Spirit

Guests: Paul J. Pastor

[19:34] - 

The Holy Spirit can sometimes be described as the "forgotten third" of the Trinity. How many of us truly understand the Holy Spirit's role in our daily lives? Author and deep thinker Paul J. Pastor draws from his book The Face of the Deep to help us more fully grasp how the Comforter and Counselor works among us today.

Yoga Pants Dilemma

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[3:40] - 

Yoga pants (yes, we're going there). Should you or shouldn't you wear them in public? As controversies go, some may think this is much ado about nothing, while others may feel yoga pants are always inappropriate. Thankfully, relationship expert Joshua Rogers is not afraid to jump into the fray with his perspective.