Is Your Jesus Big Enough?: Episode 445

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Is Your Jesus Big Enough?: Episode 445

Aug 11, 2016
Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Josh Rumple, Brandon Wilson, Lisa Harper, Glenn Lutjens and John Bauer

[50:19] - 

Reasons we put off marriage, plus Lisa Harper trusts a bold Jesus, and advice for encouraging a mentally ill friend.

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Marriage Delays

Guests: Ashley Mazelin, Josh Rumple and Brandon Wilson

[20:01] - 

Young adults continue to delay marriage, but why? Is it fear? Busyness? Unrealistic expectations? Other priorities? A lack of potential partners? The fact remains that most young adults want to get married, and many are in relationships — but they’re just not pulling the trigger. Our panel explores some potential reasons for the lag.

Believing Jesus

Guests: Lisa Harper

[23:41] - 

The book of Acts is full of bold men doing bold deeds for an even bolder Jesus. What can we learn from their example? Bible teacher Lisa Harper, author of “Believing Jesus,” shares stories from both the New Testament church and her own life (as a single woman she recently adopted a girl from Haiti) to challenge us to a life of radical faith and purpose.

Offering Hope to the Mentally Ill

Guests: Glenn Lutjens

[3:38] - 

Our listener wants to know how best to understand and encourage a mentally ill friend. Counselor Glenn Lutjens offers advice.

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