Promises, Promises: Episode 433

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Promises, Promises: Episode 433

May 19, 2016
Guests: Erin Chapman, Justin Charland, Erin Eberspacher, Ray Vander Laan and Lisa Anderson

[51:48] - 

Spreading the faith contagion, plus new Promised Land insights with Ray Vander Laan, and helping a happily engaged woman encourage her frustrated single friend.

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Featured Musical Artist: Oceans of Grace


Share the Love

Guests: Erin Chapman, Justin Charland and Erin Eberspacher

[20:23] - 

When something is contagious, not only is it spread, it also makes an impact. How can we transmit our faith in a way that is Spirit-led and relationally potent? Is it even possible in a culture where being a Christian is considered "extreme"? Our roundtable weighs in.

Promises of the Promised Land

Guests: Ray Vander Laan

[22:32] - 

Jewish culture expert and beloved Bible teacher Ray Vander Laan is back, showing us how to bring the shalom of Jesus to a broken world. He brings new insight into the life Jesus lived, how Jewish thought affects our faith today, and our hope for the grandeur of heaven.

Engagement Guilt Trip

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[6:06] - 

Getting engaged is a joyous milestone, and who wouldn't want close friends to share in that happiness? Unfortunately, our listener's single friend isn't able or willing to be supportive. Lisa Anderson tries to figure out the whys and wherefores of this friend's perspective.