Seasoned Singleness: Episode 443

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Seasoned Singleness: Episode 443

Jul 28, 2016
Guests: Eva Daniel, Diane Ingolia, Helen Parks, Kris Swiatocho and Thousand Foot Krutch

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Learning when to say “no,” plus Kris Swiatocho shares lessons learned in singleness, and a listener tries to spark a relationship.

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It’s OK to Say “No”

Guests: Eva Daniel, Diane Ingolia and Helen Parks

[23:18] - 

Saying “no” is becoming a lost art. We want to save face, preserve feelings, and basically avoid coming across as a selfish jerk. But in some situations, saying “no” is the best option. Like when it comes to relationships — specifically a marriage proposal. Our panel has been there. These women had to turn down potential dates and mates, and discovered that if you can’t say “no” to the little things, the big things can potentially spell disaster.

What to Expect As a Single Adult

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Kris Swiatocho

[23:36] - 

Kris Swiatocho has been single her whole life. She is the leader of The Singles Network Ministries, a singles ministry expert, and a sought-after speaker and consultant. Here she walks us through the decades of singleness with tips and lessons learned in life, ministry and more.

Give Me a Chance

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[4:07] - 

She wants to be more than friends, and she’s told him just that. He said “not now.” Should she press the issue? Wait around for him? Do something else to make her case for romance? Lisa Anderson offers advice.

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