The Next Billy Graham: Episode 439

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The Next Billy Graham: Episode 439

Jun 30, 2016
Guests: Julianna Keck, Ashley Mazelin, Brandon Wilson, Nick Hall and Lisa Anderson

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Why being alone isn't a bad thing, plus a conversation with the next Billy Graham, and advice on how to handle doing church alone.

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Me Time

Being Single|Roundtable
Guests: Julianna Keck, Ashley Mazelin and Brandon Wilson

[18:20] - 

Being single generally means having a higher than average amount of alone time. Is this a bad thing? Not if you're alone for the right reasons. Whether introverted or extroverted, what are the best ways to be alone with yourself? And how do you ensure you're not neglecting relationships in the process? Our panel weighs in.

Young Evangelist

Guests: Nick Hall

[22:29] - 

Nick Hall has been called "the next Billy Graham." Um, that's a big deal. But so is his passion for reaching the next generation with the gospel. He's already shared the Good News with millions of young people. Yep, millions. His book, Reset: Jesus Changes Everything, outlines why the message of the Bible is exactly what a hurting world needs to hear.

Alone in the Pew

Guests: Lisa Anderson

[5:31] - 

Being single at church is rarely easy, but sometimes it can be downright isolating. Our listener wants tips for surviving as a singleton in a church overrun by marrieds. Lisa Anderson offers encouragement.