The (Not) Great Divorce: Episode 438

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The (Not) Great Divorce: Episode 438

Jun 23, 2016
Guests: Eric Demeter, Treshia Kuiper, Cat Snow, Ron Deal and Candice Watters

[54:09] - 

How your parents’ divorce still affects you, plus Ron Deal on processing your parents' split, and should you share a hotel room with the opposite sex?

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Family Dissolution

Guests: Eric Demeter, Treshia Kuiper and Cat Snow

[24:07] - 

It may have happened long ago, or last week. You may have seen it coming, or it blindsided you completely. Either way, your parents' divorce turned your world upside down, and perhaps surprisingly, still impacts you today. Our panel's been through the divorce wringer, and has experience-laden encouragement to offer as a result.

Processing Your Parents' Divorce

Guests: Ron Deal

[21:24] - 

Divorce hurts regardless of when in life it unceremoniously accosts you. It even stings adult children of divorce. Blended family expert Ron Deal offers sound advice for dealing with the aftermath of divorce at any age.

Hotel Roomies

Guests: Candice Watters

[5:36] - 

Is it okay to share a hotel room with the opposite sex? What if you're "just friends"? Candice Watters talks candidly on the subject.

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