Wait List: Episode 435

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Wait List: Episode 435

Jun 02, 2016
Guests: Ross Gunn, JB Lewis, Nadia Richards, Robin Jones Gunn and Karl Benzio, M.D.

[50:42] - 

The scoop on purity pledges, plus author Robin Jones Gunn on praying for your future spouse, and advice for dealing with negative emotions.

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Purely Waiting

Guests: Ross Gunn, JB Lewis and Nadia Richards

[19:21] - 

Purity pledges, a "thing" for many of us who grew up going to youth group, camp and Christian conferences. Did they accomplish what they intended, or were they wishful thinking? Our panel weighs in.

Dear Future Spouse

Guests: Robin Jones Gunn

[22:07] - 

Is your future spouse on your prayer list? Robin Jones Gunn, author of the popular Christy Miller and Sierra Jensen series, highly recommends adding that line item. After all, choosing a spouse is one of the most important decisions you'll ever make. Robin offers encouragement and guidance for getting started.

Angry Emojis

Guests: Karl Benzio, M.D.

[6:05] - 

A listener grew up being told that Christians should be continually happy, but is having trouble dealing with negative feelings. Is something wrong? Dr. Karl Benzio shares advice as well as a realistic view of human emotions.