You’ve Got Options: Episode 454

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You’ve Got Options: Episode 454

Oct 13, 2016
Guests: JB Lewis, Ashley Mazelin, Jason Montgomery, Margot Starbuck and Joshua Rogers

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You can have more than one calling in life, plus Margot Starbuck on living loved in cutting-edge community, and a listener is trying to let a girl down easy.

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For the Sake of the Call

Guests: JB Lewis, Ashley Mazelin and Jason Montgomery

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Do you know what a multipotentialite is? I didn’t, either. It’s basically a person who’s about a bunch of different things — sometimes all at once. They could be passions, interests or hobbies, but in this week’s roundtable, we talk about the word in terms of calling. Is it possible to live out more than one calling in your life? Many argue “yes,” a notion that is extremely freeing for don’t-wanna-be-tied-down Millennials. Our panel discusses the possibilities.

Learning from the Least of These

Guests: Margot Starbuck

[19:46] - 

Sometimes life bears down on us, and living with the losses makes it hard for us to look up. Margot Starbuck knows about loss and longing as someone who struggled to find her place in an ever-shifting family, something she describes in her book The Girl in the Orange Dress. Years later, she and her children live in a community built around their friends with disabilities. There are many lessons and things to love in this conversation between Margot and Boundless’ Joy Beth Smith.

Shake Her Off?

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[5:26] - 

He’s not interested in her, but she keeps hanging around — forcing conversations, seeking his approval, and not taking the hint. Quite frankly, he’s annoyed. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, so is there a way he can be honest while letting her down easy? Joshua Rogers weighs in.

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