Don't Wanna Waste My Life, Life, Life: Episode 504

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Don't Wanna Waste My Life, Life, Life: Episode 504

Sep 28, 2017
Guests: Katie Hiller, Jake Roberson, Dan Smith, Dr. Charles Mully, Dickson Mully, Esther Mully and Joshua Rogers

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Strategies to make the most of your life, plus part two with the Mully family from Kenya, and what to do if your crush isn't single.

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How to Not Waste Your Life

Guests: Katie Hiller, Jake Roberson and Dan Smith

[21:33] - 

Twenty-five. That's how many years of your life you spend sleeping. You also spend a year and a half in the bathroom and two years in work meetings (Lisa insists it's at least four times that). Are you making the most of the time that's left? Our panel evaluates their own lives and talks about how we can (as cheesy as it sounds) live life to the fullest.

From Rags to Riches to World-Changer (Part 2)

Guests: Dr. Charles Mully, Dickson Mully and Esther Mully

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At the age of six, he was abandoned by his family; now Dr. Charles Mully is the subject of the documentary "Mully," in theaters October 3-5,2017. He's dedicated his life to rescuing orphans from the streets of Kenya. As we continue our discussion from last week, Lisa asks Charles, his wife Esther and their son Dickson how to discern God's will. And in other news, Lisa may have encouraged (forced) them to sing.


Guests: Joshua Rogers

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There's a guy and a girl. The guy has been interested in the girl for a long time. He waits until he's in a good place in life, gets permission from the girl's dad, and then asks the girl on a date. But the girl recently started dating someone else. How should he proceed now? Our Joshua Rogers weighs in.