Easter Every Day: Episode 480

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Easter Every Day: Episode 480

Apr 13, 2017
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson, Ted Cunningham and Christina Browning

[53:24] - 

Letting Easter impact your entire year, plus the reality of leaving and cleaving, and a listener debates going back to school.

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Featured musical artist: Jeremy Rosado


Reclaiming the Resurrection

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Erin Eberspacher, Jake Roberson and Brandon Wilson

[21:31] - 

The message of Easter is transformative for the Christian, so why has it become so ho-hum for us in everyday life? Rather than celebrating once a year with a few crosses, hymns and chocolate eggs, what would it look like for us to reclaim the resurrection in the daily and mundane? Our panel weighs in.

Cut the Apron Strings

Guests: Ted Cunningham

[24:27] - 

We all want our independence, but the reality of leaving our parents' nest can be trickier than we'll admit. Never fear, because pastor Ted Cunningham has some advice whether you're just leaving, or leaving, cleaving and starting a new home with your spouse. Drawing from Focus on the Family's premarital resource Ready to Wed, Ted addresses cutting the apron strings, navigating tough conversations, and honoring your parents in the process.

School Daze

Guests: Christina Browning

[5:29] - 

She's stuck in an unsatisfying job, and is considering returning to school. It's a big risk with no guaranteed payoff of a career at the other end. But the alternative — a job she hates more and more each day — is almost unbearable. What should she do? Counselor Christina Browning offers advice.