Must-Have Conversations: Episode 472

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Must-Have Conversations: Episode 472

Feb 16, 2017
Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin, Brandon Wilson, Paul Batura and Greg Smalley

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Things you must talk about before tying the knot, plus Paul Batura dishes on famous adoptees, and advice on handling relational conflict.

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Topics to Discuss Before Marriage

Guests: Andrew Hess, Ashley Mazelin and Brandon Wilson

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You've heard it said that it's a lot easier to plan a wedding than a lifelong marriage. It's tempting to get caught up in romance and your hopes for the future; as a result, some of the tougher relational topics can get swept under the rug or ignored altogether. But there are a few subjects that absolutely must be discussed before you walk down the aisle. Our panel gives you the scoop.

Did You Know They Were Adopted?

Guests: Paul Batura

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You probably know someone who was adopted. Maybe that person is you. But did you know that a number of famous artists, entertainers, world leaders and thinkers share this status? Paul Batura profiles many of them in his book Chosen for Greatness. A dad of three adopted sons, Paul shows us how adoption can truly set a course for lasting impact on the world — or in the case of the most famous adoptee, Jesus Christ, on eternity.

The Absence of Conflict

Guests: Greg Smalley

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Their relationship is serious, but they have yet to experience conflict. Dating long-distance means they have less opportunity to rub each other the wrong way and disagree on important issues. Is this a problem? If so, what should they do about it? Dr. Greg Smalley weighs in.