Shaping an Authentic Faith: Episode 486

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Shaping an Authentic Faith: Episode 486

May 25, 2017
Guests: Laura Gearhart, Jake Roberson, Brandon Wilson and Laurie Polich Short

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A generation finds its faith, plus Laurie Polich Short gives us new eyes, and are contentment and desire mutually exclusive?

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Featured music: Covenant Worship


Finding Faith on Your Own

Spiritual Growth|Roundtable
Guests: Laura Gearhart, Jake Roberson and Brandon Wilson

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Whether you grew up with a firm family faith, a fragile faith, or no faith at all, at some point you had to grapple with the idea of God and His role in your life. In an age where faith is at times nothing more than a vague descriptor of past or present experience, what does it mean to take on a faith of your own, one that shapes and informs your every decision? And how does it cause you to relate to others, chart your future, and define your very character? Our panel dives into this difficult topic.

Looking at Life With New Lenses

Guests: Laurie Polich Short

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Even more than your circumstances themselves, how you view your circumstances shapes your attitude toward life, faith and others. It can be the difference between hope and despair, action and despondency, victory and defeat. Laurie Polich Short wrote When Changing Nothing Changes Everything to illustrate the power of perspective in all things. By looking through one of four different lenses, we have the ability to break unhealthy patterns and move forward even in life's greatest challenges.

Contentment Vs. Desire

[4:44] - 

Is it possible to be content in singleness but still desire marriage? What does this look like in daily life? And what if our friends and family think we're erring too much on one side or the other? Lisa Anderson shares thoughts on pursuing both goals with purpose and joy.

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