Surviving Your Twenties: Episode 494

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Surviving Your Twenties: Episode 494

Jul 20, 2017
Guests: Ashley Brannon, Nathan Pillmore, Jake Roberson, Trevin Wax and Joshua Rogers

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Lessons learned in our 20s, plus Trevin Wax decodes sneaky cultural myths, and two listeners want to date someone younger.

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What I Wish I'd Known in My 20s

Guests: Ashley Brannon, Nathan Pillmore and Jake Roberson

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Your 20s is a tricky decade. In it, you're making some of the biggest decisions of your life around education, career, a future mate and more. For those who faced their 20s and survived, there are a number of lessons learned. Some are things they wish they'd known at the time; others are things they're glad they experienced. Listen in for practical and reassuring thoughts (regardless of your current decade) from people who walked through their 20s and lived to tell about it.


Guests: Trevin Wax

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The world has things it wants us to believe. It's easy for even the most committed Christians to get tripped up by the philosophies and fun dished out via technology, entertainment, and the tide of public opinion. How do we discern truth from fiction, and how do we live and proclaim our beliefs to those who have no framework for what we're saying? Trevin Wax shares insight from his book "This Is Our Time."

Robbing the Cradle

Guests: Joshua Rogers

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A couple listeners wrote in with questions and concerns about dating someone younger. What do they need to know? Joshua Rogers offers advice.