Time to Date?: Episode 493

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Time to Date?: Episode 493

Jul 13, 2017
Guests: Benjamin Hettick, Marissa Martzolff, Jake Roberson, Brett Kunkle, John Stonestreet and Greg Smalley

[46:20] - 

Dating with marriage in mind, plus part two of a conversation on culture, and a listener is no longer attracted to her fiancé.

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When to Start Dating

Guests: Benjamin Hettick, Marissa Martzolff and Jake Roberson

[21:21] - 

Dating is meant to be fun, but shouldn't it also serve a purpose? Anyone stuck in a recreational dating pattern or go-nowhere relationship can attest that dating is a lot more rewarding when it's headed in a healthy direction. Should that direction be marriage? This week's panel discusses.

Culture Club, Part 2

Guests: Brett Kunkle and John Stonestreet

[15:06] - 

Our parents warned us about the evils in the world around us. But the world is the pond we swim in. As Christians, is it possible to engage the culture in a healthy way, and maybe even rightly influence it for the kingdom of God? John Stonestreet and Brett Kunkle have written "A Practical Guide to Culture" to help us do just that. Addressing everything from media to politics to the ideologies behind some of today's biggest hot-button issues, this week's interview gets us thinking in the right direction. Part 2 of 2.

Fiancé Fizzle

Guests: Greg Smalley

[7:30] - 

She's losing attraction to her fiancé, and is wondering if she'll get it back. What's causing it, and should she be concerned? Dr. Greg Smalley offers advice.