Our Coffee Obsession: Episode 520

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Our Coffee Obsession: Episode 520

Jan 18, 2018
Guests: John Holst, Loann McGee, Jake Roberson, Ben Stuart and Joshua Rogers

[48:51] - 

Questioning the coffee-saturated Christian culture, plus Ben Stuart on singleness as more than just marriage prep, and a listener is feeling awkward at work.

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Holy Roast

Guests: John Holst, Loann McGee and Jake Roberson

[21:41] - 

What do first dates, morning devos, church lobbies and Christian meet-ups have in common? Yep, that magical brown liquid known as "coffee." Some folks, like our panel member John, spend their weekends scouring shops for the best beans. Others, like Loann, don't think it's worth the cash. Lisa is a self-described "volume drinker," and Jake considers himself neutral but has vices of his own (hint: Doritos). Listen as the panel argues, admits, and attempts to be real about when coffee and our Christian walk collide.

Make the Most of Your Single Life

Being Single|Culture
Guests: Ben Stuart

[19:06] - 

Ben was the last in his friend group to get married. And as he attended wedding after wedding (and had plenty of disaster dates), he started wondering if singleness means more than just getting ready to walk down the aisle. After all, God doesn't owe us a spouse. Listen as former Breakaway Ministries director Ben Stuart, author of "Single, Dating, Engaged, Married," talks about the practical steps he took to live his fullest life as an unmarried man.

Awkward on the Job

Guests: Joshua Rogers

[5:54] - 

A listener started a new job and can't shake that awkward feeling. She feels awkward during meetings, at lunch, in emails —and no matter how hard she tries, she can't seem to find her footing. How can she turn awkwardness to her advantage and identify strategies for workplace success? Joshua Rogers weighs in.