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3 Ways to Fight for a Better Relationship

3 Ways to Fight for a Better Relationship

Jul 28, 2014|Ashleigh Slater

Resolve conflict as a team by choosing to put the long-term health of your relationship ahead of your personal agenda. 

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Trading in the Fairytale

Trading in Your Fairy Tale

Sometimes letting go of expectations of who we'll marry or how we'll meet our future spouse allows us to receive the story God has for us.

The Spouse Checklist

The Spouse Checklist

Mar 03, 2014|Elise Stephens

What I wish I had known about preparing myself for marriage

What I Wish I Had Known Before Marriage

What I Wish Someone Had Told Me Before Marriage

Jan 27, 2014|Joshua Rogers

If I'd known these three things before I married, I would've been much better prepared.

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What Is Marriage Really Like?

What Is Marriage Really Like?

Oct 28, 2013|Owen Strachan

Not sure if you want to get hitched? Here are some truths and untruths about marriage.

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Why It Is Not Good to Be Alone

Why It Is Not Good to Be Alone

Aug 05, 2013|Owen Strachan

What does a young man miss out on if he stays "alone" even though his body and heart pull him toward marriage?

Reversing the Curse

Reversing the Curse

Jul 29, 2013|Trevor Williams

I've always wanted to be a husband, but a walk through my family history reveals why being one is a miracle.

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The Imperfect Wife

The Imperfect Wife

Jun 17, 2013|Amanda Casanova

I was scared to walk down the aisle, but it wasn't because I was worried about stumbling over my dress. I was worried about being a wife.

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The Power to Love and Forgive

The Power to Love and Forgive

Apr 01, 2013|Candice Watters

When we recognize God's love for us, and our hopeless situation apart from His love, we can begin to truly love another.

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Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Mentor Series: Crossing the Line

Men aren't able to commit? "Marriage research rock star" Scott Stanley challenges that assertion.

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Learning From Ruth, Part 1

Dec 17, 2012|Candice Watters

The book of Ruth has much to say about getting to marriage in difficult circumstances, under the watchful, purposeful sovereignty of God.

Planning a Wedding (and Living to Tell the Tale)

Nov 19, 2012|Elise Stephens

From afar, planning a wedding seems so enticing. But the truth is most brides are crestfallen when they realize how hard it really is.

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Let's Talk

Let's Talk

Aug 23, 2012|Christopher Riordan

Learning to communicate is a lot like learning to dance. Start slow, learn your paces, respond to your partner's movements, pay attention, trust, and enjoy.

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Is There Love After Marriage?

May 02, 2012|Amber Lapp

Maybe losing "the spark" isn't the end of the world after all.

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The Trap of Enmeshment

Feb 15, 2012|Christopher Riordan

Discover why finding balance between connectedness and differentiation is one of the most important elements of a successful relationship.

Love and Marriage: Luther Style

Feb 09, 2012|Justin Taylor

If you feel like you're never going to get married, take heart! Learn a few things from Martin Luther's singleness and then marriage.

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Opposites Attract

Dec 09, 2011|Kara Schwab

Magnets only work when they're facing polar opposites — maybe they're trying to teach us something.

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Hyper-Achieving Woman, Underachieving Man

Nov 23, 2011|Candice Watters

Women have moved from naturally complementary, to competitive, to conquering the men in their lives. What does it all mean for future marriages?

Giving Marriage a Chance

The Last Kiss portrays an anemic, yet all-too-common, view of marriage that needs to go.

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Anybody Know What Love Is?

Anybody Know What Love Is?

Sep 14, 2011|Amber Lapp, David Lapp

Love in its fullness never just happens; love that lasts is won.

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  • |Roundtable

    I'm Ready[34:58]

    Jun 23, 2011 | Chad Eastham,Martha Krienke,Jim Levy,Adam Holz and Allie Roth
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Making a Good Marriage

Apr 29, 2011|Steven Garber

“We’re just friends.” You’ve likely said it -- about a guy or girl who was distinct from Friday night “dates.” But maybe we’ve got it backwards.

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Why a Soul Mate Isn’t Good Enough

Apr 27, 2011|Amber Lapp, David Lapp

Rediscover why marriage is love’s greatest and most courageous defender.

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What If She's Not the Right One?

What If She's Not the Right One?

Mar 23, 2011|David Lapp

Marriage rescues us from the paradox of choice and introduces us to the paradox of gift: Give yourself, and you find yourself.

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A Fruitful Fit

Mar 02, 2011|Candice Watters

"Would we be good together?"

Cross Culture Marriage

Oct 20, 2010|Elisabeth Adams

Marriages between two cultures present challenges, but Christ and the Cross can transcend cultural differences.

The Case Against Marriage?

Jul 14, 2010|Albert Mohler

One essential task for the church is to rebuild and maintain a marriage culture — even when marriage itself no longer makes sense to so many around us.

Generation Marriage

Are you more likely to get married based on what generation you're in? It's possible.

Office Hours: Happy Ending? Part 3

May 07, 2010|J. Budziszewski

How much does Noland really want a happy ending?  

Myths About Divorce

Apr 14, 2010|Scott Stanley

Though young adults are statistically more likely to repeat their parents' mistakes, they are not doomed to do so.  

Office Hours: Happy Ending? Part 2

Apr 09, 2010|J. Budziszewski

What can you do to improve your chances of a good marriage?  

Reflecting on 'The Mystery of Marriage'

Reflecting on 'The Mystery of Marriage'

Mar 19, 2010|Albert Mohler

Armed with a biblical mandate and fueled by Christian passion, young men can be the vanguard for recovery of the biblical concept of marriage.

I Got Married Young, But Not Young Enough, Part 2

Mar 17, 2010|Heather Koerner

We didn't gain a thing by waiting to get married. But we did risk some things and simply lost out on others.  

I Got Married Young, But Not Young Enough, Part 1

Mar 16, 2010|Heather Koerner

Our culture gives us lots of reasons not to marry young. But are they good ones?  

Office Hours: Happy Ending? Part 1

Mar 05, 2010|J. Budziszewski

Afraid of getting married because you've seen so many marriages fail? You're not alone.  

The Two Shall Become One ... Checkbook

Nov 17, 2009|Heather Koerner

Joint vs. separate checking. Why don't secular and Christian financial advisors agree?

Faith for the Man He'll Become

Faith for the Man He'll Become

Oct 14, 2009|Carolyn McCulley

You won't marry the perfect man. But through premarital discernment and your holy influence, he will be headed that direction.

What If He Leads Wrong?

Oct 13, 2009|Heather Koerner

Of course, I can submit ... as long as my husband is right.

The Altar: Not the Finish Line

The Altar: Not the Finish Line

Jul 30, 2009|Alex Chediak

For many men, getting married is viewed as the end of a process. Nope. It's only the beginning.

A Year to Love

I didn't know what the year would hold, but whatever it was it would be extraordinary.

Thinking About Marriage

Jul 08, 2009|Candice Watters

The hope of marriage is an antidote to promiscuity.

Myths About Soul Mates

Myths About Soul Mates

Jun 04, 2009|Scott Stanley

Believing that "the one" is out there, waiting to "complete you," inevitably leads to discontentment and maybe even divorce.

What He Must Be ... If He Wants to Marry My Daughter: A Review

Mar 31, 2009|Candice Watters

Though women aren't the target audience for this book, we can listen in and hopefully, while eavesdropping, glean some valuable help for marrying well.

Marry Sooner Rather Than Later

Mar 13, 2009|Gary Thomas

We usually don't think of our sexual design as being an appropriate factor in getting married. But it is.

10 Ways to Be Marriable

Planning to get married someday? Pay attention to these 10 must-have qualities.

His Love Stories

Dec 18, 2008|Elisabeth Adams

My favorite love stories are true ones.

Caution and Courage

Caution and Courage

Nov 12, 2008|Candice Watters

Don't let fear of divorce make you put off marriage.

Mind the 'Single-Minded' Church

Mind the 'Single-Minded' Church

Sep 30, 2008|Candice Watters

If you feel called to marry, your best bet is likely a marriage-friendly church.


Jul 02, 2008|Scott Croft

Everybody settles when they decide to get married. Or nobody settles. Or is it both-and?

When to Settle

Mar 11, 2008|Candice Watters

Knowing when to go with what's in front of you makes all the difference. Here's what to look for in a future spouse.

Marriage: Partnership

Beginning married life together can be thrilling, but also traumatic. With a good understanding of how you'll work together as a team, it'll be more of the former and less of the latter.

Marriage: An Idol?

Jan 22, 2008|Candice Watters

Where we most often sin in our desire for marriage is not in worshiping marriage itself, but in doubting God's ability to bring it about.

Weaker Partner

Weaker Partner

Nov 01, 2007|Heather Koerner

Scripture calls me the weaker partner. What's my response?

Mentor Series: The Burning Bush

Aug 30, 2007|Scott Stanley

How do we know when marrying someone is God's will?

First Year Off

Jan 11, 2007|Jonathan Dodson

An obscure verse in Deuteronomy offers a principle that, if applied, helps establish beneficial and spouse-honoring patterns for marriage.

Get Married, Young Man

Sep 14, 2006|Alex Chediak

For most men, a godly wife will bring blessings that nothing else can.  

Whose Marriage Is It Anyway?

Jun 22, 2006|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Our marriages are more than simply an expression of mutual affection. They affect the people around us, and are in turn affected by those around us.  

Getting to Marriage: What You Can Do

Apr 20, 2006|Candice Watters

A new book by Debbie Maken reminds singles that there is absolutely nothing wrong with your desire to pursue marriage.  

Salvaging Maureen Dowd

Mar 02, 2006|Lauren Winner

Perhaps surprisingly, sharp-eyed, sharp-tongued Dowd has a few things to say about men and women that are worth our attention.  

Paddling After Jake and Myrtle

Nov 17, 2005|John Thomas

Longtime married couples are rare. Happily longtime married couples like Jake and Myrtle are rarer yet.

Soul Mates or Sole Mates?

Soul Mates or Sole Mates?

Oct 13, 2005|Gary Thomas

Looking for your soul mate? Looking for someone to complete you? If so, you might be looking for the wrong thing.

Defending 'The Cost of Delaying Marriage'

Sep 22, 2005|Candice Watters

So much of the email we received in response to Danielle Crittenden's book excerpt was negative that we decided to answer it here.

The Cost of Delaying Marriage

Aug 25, 2005|Danielle Crittenden

Whether we know it or not, we have a season of life when we're more apt to find a mate. Some things just won't wait.

Scouting Around

Jul 14, 2005|J. Budziszewski

Getting married in a church is about more than lovely stained glass and wood pews. It's about more than Christian vows. Listen in as Theo talks with two former, almost-engaged students.

Katie's Choice

Jun 16, 2005|J. Budziszewski

For some singles, the pressure to marry threatens to overwhelm what they really desire.

Beyond Being a Bridesmaid

Jun 09, 2005|Lauren Winner

Standing up in a friend's wedding should be about a lot more than wearing a tacky dress and bustling her train. Her marriage may depend on it.

The Truth About Your Spouse

The Truth About Your Spouse (Current or Future)

Jun 02, 2005|Laurel Robinson

It's not what the movies, magazines and romance novels want you to believe; it's a whole lot better.

Contending for Marriage

May 19, 2005|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

What we believe about marriage between a man and a woman has a lot to do with why so many people don't think it's a big deal to redefine it.

What Not to Say About Marriage

What Not to Say About Marriage

Apr 14, 2005|Candice Watters

I found out first hand that not all dating advice is created equal.

Shopping for Selflessness

Mar 10, 2005|Drew Dyck

One man's dread of all things retail said a lot more about his character than he liked to admit.

Speak Now or Forever Hold Your Peace

Feb 10, 2005|Kara Schwab

Your wedding day is fast approaching and the invitations have all been sent. Is it too late to admit the nagging feeling that you've made a bad match?

Destructive Myths: Love Onscreen

Nov 11, 2004|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Pop culture's ideas about relationships are hard to escape, and counter to the very thing we so hope to find.

Playing the Blame Game

Oct 28, 2004|Marshall Allen

Sometimes it's easier to point the finger than take responsibility. It sure feels better; at least for a little while.

So-Called Marriage

Feb 19, 2004|J. Budziszewski

Prof Theo talks about homosexuality, marriage and the law.

The University of Matrimony

Nov 13, 2003|Anita Morrill

Everybody's doing it, but that doesn’t mean it's easy.

Why College Men Aren’t Ready to Marry

Dec 05, 2002|Steve Watters

Why the delay? Even Christian guys give lots of reasons — like what one calls "waiting for Pamela Anderson to become a Christian."

Temporarily Yours

Apr 25, 2002|Gina R. Dalfonzo

Divorce is so common that people talk about "starter marriages." It doesn't have to be that way.

Why Love Is Expensive

Jul 18, 2001|Sean McMeekin

Review of Love and Economics: Why the Laissez-Faire Family Doesn’t Work by Jennifer Roback Morse

Love Lessons

Nov 12, 1998|Laurel Robinson

One in two marriages ends in divorce. Yet we still dream about the perfect relationship. Maybe we DO need it, or at least something that it perfectly embodies.


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