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Practical Steps for Breaking Pornography Addiction

May 21, 2018|Jessica Harris

There's no easy formula, but there is hope. I'm living proof.

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African American man alone, looking at mountains

Am I Loved?

Apr 09, 2018|Jeff Myers

As I searched for true intimacy, I discovered five things I could do to feel loved and give love, even when romance seemed elusive.

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God's Gift for Sexual Strugglers

Feb 26, 2018|Paul David Tripp

Our constant struggle with sex preaches loudly to us of our need for redemption, but the good news is there’s grace for every aspect of the sexual brokenness in and around us.

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What the Bible Doesn’t Say About Femininity

Oct 10, 2016|Val Dunham

Perhaps the first step is not simply to examine what God's word says about gender but also to examine what it doesn't say.

A laptop half closed glowing in the dark.

How Pornography Kills Ambition

Sep 19, 2016|Samuel James

Porn's isolating emphasis on pleasing myself actually made me less myself.

"Just married" sign being held in a beautiful location

Why Wait? Reasons to Save Sex for Marriage

Jun 13, 2016|Danny Huerta

God loves sex—when it’s satisfying sexually, emotionally, and spiritually—and that only happens in the confines of marriage. 

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  • |Roundtable

    Future Families[21:49]

    Apr 21, 2016 | Freda McKissic Bush, M.D., David Hager, M.D. and Annelise Spees, M.D.
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  • |Roundtable

    Pure Desire[21:48]

    Jan 07, 2016 | Joanna Brown, Nate Florea and Allison Meggers
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Will Married Sex Meet My Expectations?

Nov 16, 2015|Juli Slattery

Does saving sex for marriage set you up for disappointment?

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Saving Sex for Marriage Is Possible

Saving Sex for Marriage Is Possible

Sep 07, 2015|Arleen Spenceley

Three steps to being successful with your commitment to sexual purity

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Is Porn Replacing Men's Desire for Marriage?

Is Porn Killing Men's Desire for Marriage?

Mar 09, 2015|Joshua Rogers

Let's consider the potential damage fantasy sex can do to a man and his hopes to have a wife and children.

Single Ladies, Don't Settle for 'Grey'

Single Ladies, Don't Settle for 'Grey'

Feb 13, 2015|Lisa Anderson

Let's take a stand together and say no to Fifty Shades of Grey.

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Erasing Shame: Find Forgiveness for Sexual Sin

Erasing Shame: Find Forgiveness for Sexual Sin

Dec 15, 2014|Juli Slattery

Why do sexual choices seem to create such lasting shame?

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5 Lies That Make Sexual Purity More Difficult

5 Lies That Make Sexual Purity More Difficult

May 26, 2014|Juli Slattery

Sexual purity may be expressed by what you do with your body, but it is ultimately rooted in your mind, your heart and your soul.

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Letting Go of Your Sexual Past

Letting Go of Your Sexual Past

Jan 20, 2014|Barbara Wilson

Don't believe the lie that your past disqualifies you from having God's best for your future.

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The Most Powerful Force in the World

The Most Powerful Force in the World

Oct 21, 2013|Glenn T. Stanton

A woman's prerogative to say "no" to a man

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Sorry but we've gone crazy

Sorry, But We've Gone Crazy

Jul 01, 2013|Paul David Tripp

Sex madness is not first a problem of situation, location or relationship. Our problems are deeply spiritual.

When Purity Becomes a Problem

How Purity Can Become a Problem

Is there a point where a "passion for purity" becomes too much?

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The Heart of Purity

The Heart of Purity

Apr 08, 2013|Daniel Weiss

There is a path forward for those who have been sexually active, and it takes us through the very heart of the Gospel.

Lost Boys in a Shadow World

Lost Boys in the Shadow World

Feb 20, 2013|Daniel Weiss

The path to purity requires finding the real among the counterfeits. Here's help for being set free from pornography.

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Overcoming My Sexual Addiction

Overcoming My Sexual Addiction

Oct 19, 2012|Sarah Pride

From ages 12 to 20, I was addicted to reading erotic stories on the Internet. Here's how God lifted me from the pit and renewed my self-worth.

Sex Series

Sex Series: Groom's Guide for the Honeymoon

Sep 26, 2012|Glenn Lutjens

Are you hoping for mind-blowing sex on your wedding night? Remember, a satisfying honeymoon takes careful preparation and realistic expectations.

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Sex Series

Sex Series: Waiting While Dating

Sep 05, 2012|J.E. Jones

Dating couples need a game plan: a set of ideas, attitudes and actions that will help them glorify God and safeguard their relationship from premarital sex.

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Sex Series

Sex Series: Bridal Preparation for the Honeymoon

Aug 13, 2012|Dannah Gresh

Sex isn't simple, so as you anticipate your wedding, spend time preparing for the honeymoon, too. Here are some ideas to get your sex life off to a great start.

Sex Series

Sex Series: Sexy Single Women

Aug 01, 2012|Mary A. Kassian

Femininity intentionally cultivated and displayed brings God glory. Learn how to value and cherish your sexuality as much as the One who created it does.

Sex Series

Sex Series: Sexy Single Men

Aug 01, 2012|Daniel Weiss

A man's sexuality is a lot like a spring. It seems to be always on and often has no real direction. Here's how to channel it toward life-giving pursuits.

Pure Again

Pure Again

Jul 20, 2012|Laurel Robinson

"Virginity's well and good," you say, "but not everyone has waited." What can be said to readers who have already crossed the line? You asked; we're answering.

Sex Series

Sex Series: State of the Sexual Union

Jul 18, 2012|Amber Lapp, David Lapp

Too many men and women lack a vision, anchored in good theology, of the body, sex, marriage and chastity. Rediscover that compelling vision here.

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Blinded by the Sight

Jun 07, 2012|Gary Thomas

Lust destroys men's vision. Godly living, though, brings healing.

Searching for Marital Paradise

May 30, 2012|Christopher Riordan

Is your view of marital love influenced more by pornography and secular culture than the Bible? Discover what a Christ-centered sexual ethic entails.

Two Women Tell All

May 09, 2012|Glenn T. Stanton

Graglia and Krasnow thought they had it all. Till they started listening to their instincts.

Life After Sexual Abuse

Apr 25, 2012|Chris Stump

You can be a victor through Christ.

When Pigs Fly

Dec 16, 2011|Mike Ensley

Fearing the male sex drive has damaged a lot of lives.

Catalyst or Catastrophe

Nov 30, 2011|Steve Watters

How our sex drive can bring us closer to God or further away.

Saying 'Yes' to Chastity

Saying 'Yes' to Chastity

Nov 16, 2011|Amber Lapp, David Lapp

Rediscover the language of the body.

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Guard Your Marriage

Mar 16, 2011|Alex Chediak

Overcoming sexual guilt and avoiding infidelity in your new marriage

What Are You Waiting For?

Feb 09, 2011|Dannah Gresh

The one thing no one ever tells you about sex.

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Solomon's Line on Premarital Sex

Solomon's Line on Premarital Sex

Jul 22, 2010|John Thomas

Where in the Bible does it specifically say premarital sex is wrong?

Sex Is Not About Waiting

Jul 01, 2010|Michael Lawrence

Sex is about union. And a foretaste of something even better.  

This is Your Brain on Porn

This Is Your Brain on Porn

Apr 07, 2010|Matt Kaufman

Just say no to smut.

It's Not Just a 'Guy Problem'

Feb 04, 2010|Rachel Zoller

Pornography, that is.  

Man on laptop

The Seduction of Pornography

Oct 23, 2009|Albert Mohler

When it comes to porn, every man must decide who he will be, whom he will serve and how he will love.

Love in the Mirror

Sep 17, 2009|Michael Lawrence

More than being about the love of someone of the same sex, homosexuality often seems to be the sexualized love of oneself, projected on to another.

Leaving the Edge

Leaving the Edge

The tendency in relationships is to push the physical boundaries. But there's a reason God asks for ultimate purity.

Getting Real About Sex

Jul 22, 2008|Jenny Schroedel

A book about chastity is pointing the way in our sex-saturated culture.

What's the Point of Sex?

Jul 15, 2008|J. Budziszewski

What's the big deal about pre-marital sex? Professor Theophilus demonstrates with a piece of duct tape in this fictional story.

Bearing the Image

Jun 25, 2008|Mike Ensley

We're all enthralled by nudity but none of us actually wants to be naked.

Purity that Sets Captives Free

May 07, 2008|Khrystian A. Wilson

The difficult truth is that some of us have created our own wearisome chains. The good news is that there's a key to unlock them.

hand reaching out in the dark

Still Struggling With Same-Sex Attraction

Feb 15, 2008|Mike Ensley

Leaving the gay lifestyle is not easy. But Christians who have struggled with same-sex attraction are not without hope.

Out of Lesbianism

Oct 18, 2007|Brenna Kate Simonds

A search for security and acceptance takes one woman through isolation, same-sex "marriage" ... and redemption.

A Shallow View of Sex

Aug 23, 2007|Matt Kaufman

An advice columnist's message about sexuality misses the mark.

A Peculiar People: Sex and the Young Christian

Aug 23, 2007|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

Evangelical singles are in fact more likely to engage in sexual relationships than non-evangelicals, and at an earlier age. So what?

Modesty Revisited

May 31, 2007|Wendy Shalit

More than a Victorian-era hang-up, modesty is a part of human nature that protects true love, empowers women and preserves culture.

A Review of Unprotected by Anonymous, M.D.

Mar 22, 2007|Candice Watters

You may be shocked at what goes on behind the doors of campus health care centers.

Mentor Series: Sex and the Single Guy

Mentor Series: Sex and the Single Guy, Part 2

In this second excerpt of the interview we conducted with Scott Croft and Michael Lawrence, we explore celibacy and the normalcy of marriage.  

Mentor Series: Sex and the Single Guy

Mentor Series: Sex and the Single Guy

This is the first of two excerpts of an interview we conducted with Scott Croft and Michael Lawrence, addressing sexuality in dating relationships.

Office Hours: Generic People, Part 2

Aug 10, 2006|J. Budziszewski

Professor Theophilus references the very nature of God to help us better understand how men and women are, at their core, quite different from each other.

Office Hours: Generic People, Part 1

Jul 20, 2006|J. Budziszewski

"Differences between the sexes start with anatomy," Professor Theophilus posited, "but do they end there?"  

The Porn Effect

Feb 16, 2006|Drew Dyck

Can those scholars be right who say that viewing porn can actually improve relationships? Ryan and Rich, and their families, would say "no."

Physical Intimacy and the Single Man

Jan 05, 2006|Matt Schmucker

Single men must know now that what they do prior to marriage is not inconsequential to what happens in marriage. They will reap what they sow.

Facing the Light

Dec 04, 2003|Liza Dreski

Huge strides toward divine redemption.

Running in the Dark

Nov 20, 2003|Liza Dreski

Small steps to big mistakes.

Anxiety of the Uninitiated

Anxiety of the Uninitiated

May 15, 2003|Candice Watters

She never doubted that abstinence was right. But she still wondered if something was wrong with her. She doesn't any more.

Virgin Pride

Apr 03, 2003|Sharyn Kopf

Sharyn says if you haven't had sex, you've got nothing to be shy about. Just the opposite.

Fighting Porn

Dec 12, 2002|Marshall Allen

It’s gone “mainstream,” but that doesn’t mean you have to act like it’s OK. Marshall shows a Christian way to take a stand.

J. Budziszewski

Ordinary Lust

Sep 13, 2001|J. Budziszewski

Theophilus says it's not as difficult to stop as you might think.

The De-Sexing of America

May 03, 2001|Sean McMeekin

Men and women are different. There's no getting around that fact. But when we try to avoid it, and try we do, the outcome is downright comical.

When is Bad News Good?

Mar 05, 2001|Sean McMeekin

Believe it or not, we may be on the verge of a moral comeback, says Tom Wolfe in his book, Hooking Up.

I Know What You Did Last Night

Jan 10, 2001|Steve Watters

Ever felt like you and your computer have a dirty little secret? You're not alone.

Score One for Abstinence

Nov 16, 2000|Michele Deppe

Since when does women's soccer and sexual purity go together?

The Seeker

Jun 29, 2000|J. Budziszewski

Last time Theophilus had a conversation with a gay student, the complaints poured in. "That couldn't be a real dialogue," you said. These events are real.

More Fallout: Premarital Sex

May 03, 2000|J. Budziszewski

I get more email from college students about heterosexuality than about anything else — except for homosexuality. If you've ever wondered why I write so often about sex, now you know.

Glossy Lies

Mar 21, 2000|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Women's magazines gave birth to feminism, right? So why do they look like guides to improving your sex techniques so a man will want to marry you?

Homophobia: An Unfinished Story

Feb 24, 2000|J. Budziszewski

Accused of being homophobic, Theophilus goes toe-to-toe with a gay student.

Evolution's No Excuse for Rape

Feb 16, 2000|Roberto Rivera y Carlo

You have to wonder about a worldview that justifies violence against women.

The Education of Laurie Hall

Feb 16, 2000|Simon J. Dahlman

Ever think porn is just an innocent little pastime? Read Hall's story; you may think again.

Subversive Masculinity

Nov 04, 1999|Sarah E. Hinlicky

Subversive Virginity told us all about the power of female purity. Now it's the guys' turn. Sarah's at it again, stirring up controversy in all the right places.

A Bed of Their Own?

Sep 09, 1999|Sean McMeekin

When are good female friends more than friends? When a lesbian historian says they are.

The First Modern Woman

Jun 25, 1999|Ann White

The sexual revolution began earlier than you think.

A Modest Proposal

Apr 26, 1999|Robert Stacy McCain

When it was time for sex ed, Wendy Shalit opted out. Now she says she’s the one who’s well adjusted, in her book about modesty.

Even Without the Bible, God Speaks

Mar 04, 1999|J. Budziszewski

Last month Theophilus talked with Mary about faith and reason and homosexuality, this month they resume their conversation.

What is Sex Anyway?

Jan 21, 1999|Matt Kaufman

Some college students play word games — just like the President.

The Best Sex

Dec 03, 1998|Anne Morse

So you’ve saved yourself for marriage, only to find your fiancée isn’t a virgin. Is her "experience" an asset or asking for trouble?

A Journey from Bitterness and Sexual Confusion

Nov 05, 1998|Amy Tracy

“For nearly a decade, my role in the feminist movement as a lesbian activist fulfilled me. When the bitterness and anger started to suffocate me, where could I go?”

Subversive Virginity

Oct 08, 1998|Sarah E. Hinlicky

In a culture of easy access, virginity is where real sexual power lies.

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Sex Series

A six-part article series on gaining a vision, anchored in good theology, of the body, sex, marriage and chastity