Switching Jobs

How should post-college Christians respond to desires or opportunities to switch jobs or careers? Here are four principles to guide you in making this decision.

The Hardest Mission Field

Witnessing to total strangers on the street is one thing. But sharing the Gospel with family brings things to an entirely new level.

One Choice at a Time

Life is full of choices. Every choice makes the next one easier or harder, depending on what we’ve chosen to do.

Who Can You Trust?

Trust is the stuff we all long for in our families, friendships and marriages. So how do we develop safe and trusting relationships?

My Brother’s Keeper

When it comes to molding me, the Lord has made the most of all seven of my siblings.

What Guys Wish You Knew

Have you ever asked, “Where are all the good guys?” They want you to know they are all around you. Here’s what they’re looking for in a future spouse.