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How to Move Back Home and Not Go Crazy

You’ve found yourself back at home, trying to navigate your relationship with your parents, figuring out how to set boundaries and attempting to appreciate this transitional season – Me too. Here are a few things I’ve learned and experienced along the way.

Good Busyness

image of a very busy street with pedestrians. Too much busyness?

Sometimes being a friend, or just being a Christian, means a lot of time-consuming, burden-bearing, gloriously busy, and wildly inefficient work.

Authentic Phony

Authenticity is the courage to love with a rigorous inside-out consistency. Living this way allows us to be known deeply by others and by God.

My Brother’s Keeper

When it comes to molding me, the Lord has made the most of all seven of my siblings.

Love the Church

person holding a globe, the globe represents the local church

I began to notice a disconnect between the desire to “do something for Jesus” and commitment to the local church.