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9 Perks of Fall (Since I’m Dreading Winter)

Once we’re past Labor Day weekend and the leaves start changing, I begin complaining that winter is coming.

C.S. Lewis got it right when he described Narnia’s misery under the rule of the White Witch: “Always winter, but never Christmas.”

Basically, Christmas is the main – if not only – upside to winter. I have never found much to celebrate about winter.

Once we’re past Labor Day weekend and the leaves start changing, I begin complaining that winter is coming. It’s hard for me to enjoy the fall season because I know winter is hiding around the corner just waiting to jump out and surprise me.

But fall has its blessings (I suppose winter might, too, but let’s not push it here), and remembering those blessings can remind me to slow down and appreciate the value of this season.

1. Cooler weather

A few days ago, I went on a mid-morning walk and the weather was lovely. In July, going outside after 8:00 a.m. was never “lovely.”

2. Fewer insects

Bugs might be the one drawback of summer. With the first frost of fall, I’m looking forward to no more man-eating hordes of mosquitos or plagues of spiders like we’ve had around my area this year. It will also be nice to walk outside without being accosted by dizzying flurries of gnats.

3. Thanksgiving

If Christmas is “the most wonderful time of the year,” Thanksgiving has to be the second most wonderful. There’s something special about spending time with family, taking time off work and eating delicious turkey and dressing. (If you’ve never had a serving of good Southern dressing – “stuffing” to most of you – then y’all are missing out.)

4. Pumpkins

Growing up, I got to pick out my own pumpkin from the pumpkin patch. Now I’m (usually) content with finding one at the grocery store, but I still always get one or two. Either way, the start of pumpkin season means pumpkin muffins for me, pumpkin spice lattes for some of you, and pumpkin spice salsa for somebody out there.

5. Summer movies on DVD/Blu-ray

This summer saw several great movies debut in theaters, and now that they’ve had their time on the big screen, this fall we get to bring these stories home. “The Lion King,” “Spiderman: Far From Home” and “Toy Story 4” releases are just days away. Movie night, anyone? (I’ll bring the pumpkin muffins.)

6. Craft sales

More and more of my friends are joining the ranks of DIYers and crafters. While we might think of a “craft fair” as a marketplace for quilts and other needlework, it has become a place where you can find anything from homemade soap to handmade signs to upcycled furniture. I love that these events celebrate the industry and creativity of others.

7. Christmas prep

Yes, Christmas has encroached upon Thanksgiving, but the most wonderful time of the year is wonderful to prepare for – even early. I’ve already started thinking about what to get my family members for Christmas. Mostly that’s because I love Christmas, but also in hopes that I stick to a budget this year.

8. More time for projects

All seasons are busy, but summers are notoriously so. Now that the busyness of summer is behind us, we are more likely to have some breathing room for things we’ve been putting off. Even if we’re in school, returning to routine often frees up more of our time.

9. God is working in all seasons

Life goes on, and there are exciting things always in the works. Entering the next season is like turning to the next chapter in a gripping story. My brother is getting married in 10 days, and adding an in-law to the family is a new chapter for us. It’s exciting to see all that is coming around the corner! Even if what comes next for any of us is hard or unwanted, we can trust that God will show more of himself just as He always has in seasons past.

This is really our hope in any season of life. God is there in that season, working faithfully and supporting us.

Even in the middle of winter. And at least we’ll have Christmas.

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Lauren Dunn

Lauren Dunn is an education reporter for World News Group. She loves stories (especially the good ones), making pizza (usually double pepperoni), and spending time with friends and family. Lauren has lived most of her life in Wichita, Kan., but still regularly gets lost when driving around town.

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