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Called Out of My Comfort Zone

When I embrace unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations, I am invited to find my comfort in the Lord.

I have never been a “go with the flow” type of girl.  I would love to be, but in order to go with the flow, I need to know when the flow starts, what is scheduled for the flow, and what approximate time the flow will end.

I like things to be predictable and familiar — which is why it was out of character for me to accept a summer internship seven hours away from my home: somewhere I wouldn’t know anybody and where I would be on my own for the first time. To make matters more stressful, I’m getting married in two months, and my scheduled return is 3 days before my wedding. So not only am I in an entirely new situation, but I’m planning a wedding long-distance in the midst of it.

Weighing the risks

So why did I do it? Why did I uproot in the middle of a huge life change? A little bit of it was a desire for adventure. A chance to see what it would be like (and what I would be like) if I went somewhere new. But mostly, it was my desire to continue my career and education with a company that would pour into me spiritually as well as push me to be the best at my work. As I counted down the days before I left for my internship at Focus on the Family, familiar worries clouded my head. I worried if people would like me or if I would be good at the job; but after only three weeks here, I am seeing how God’s hand guided me to the Boundless team.

Too often, I enjoy sitting in the “comfortable.” I prefer doing comfortable and familiar work in a comfortable town that I know every corner of, hanging out with comfortable friends whom I know will be easy for me to get along with and talk to. But as I took the risk and jumped into something that was not comfortable for me to do, I realized the absolute blessings that God provides when we enter something a little uncomfortable. When I embrace unfamiliar and uncomfortable situations, I am invited to find my comfort in the Lord.

The One who never changes

As I go through this season of change, God is showing me that He is the only constant I can rely on. As I walk into unfamiliar territory, He remains all powerful. When I experience loss and struggle, He remains just and good. When I am confused, the Lord is all-knowing. Hebrews 13:5b-6 says, “For he has said ‘I will never leave you nor forsake you.’ So we can confidently say, ‘The Lord is my helper, I will not fear, what can man do to me?’” These verses have been a reminder for me through the uncomfortable. The Lord promises to never leave me, and therefore I have nothing to fear.

I am excited to rely on that promise and see the wonderful things God has in store for me while working at Boundless. I am surrounded by a wonderful group of 35 other interns whom I am honored to work with and am getting to know. I am experiencing new things, especially going from flat, farmland-filled Kansas to the mountainous city of Colorado Springs. I have discovered my love for camping and hiking, and I am trying a variety of new foods with my new friends. I would have never known how amazing this experience is if I hadn’t had the courage to trust God and go.

Where is God calling you to trust Him? Is it in a new move? A new job? Relationship? Ministry opportunity? You are not alone; God is there.

And so is a girl in Colorado planning details for a Kansas wedding in between work deadlines, intern activities and phone calls home.

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About the Author

Vallie Weis

Vallie Weis is the 2023 Boundless intern. She is a Kansas native, coming to Colorado from a small farming town called Little River (pop 474). She currently attends Sterling College where she will be a senior in the fall double majoring in Writing and Editing and Graphic Design. In her free time, Vallie is currently preparing for her upcoming wedding to her Fiancé, Nilo, in early August. She is super excited to spend her summer in Colorado with Boundless and experience all the new adventures the mountains have to offer.

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