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Can You Remember What You Just Heard in Church?

One thing about not working on a Monday: It makes it easier to hold onto what you just heard on Sunday. On a normal Monday, you roll into your activities so fast that the sermon you just heard the day before sometimes seems very distant. (If someone asked you what was said, you might be hard pressed to say much.) Given an extra day, you may find your mind more readily drifting back to the sermon. I know I do. That’s not an excuse. It’s just how things often work.

In any case, I did spend more time than usual Monday thinking about Sunday’s sermon. It focused on how we often we hang out a “Do Not Disturb” sign for God: We don’t want to be reminded of our sin or our need for Him, and we don’t want Him to come in and rearrange our lives. But God has never heeded that sign: From ancient Israel through the coming of Christ through today, He keeps barging in. In His mercy, He doesn’t just leave us alone to indulge our desires. He gives us not what we want, but what we need for our salvation.

Your turn to share. Briefly (or not so briefly, if you prefer), what was said in the last sermon you heard?

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