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Christmas Is Here: A Conversation With Brandon Heath

 There are two types of people in the world: those who listen to Christmas music before Thanksgiving and those who wait until the day after Thanksgiving to partake in the music of the most wonderful time of the year. Singer/songwriter Brandon Heath is one of the latter, and he’s very adamant about it. Heath released a Christmas album this year, Christmas Is Here, and he chatted with me about his Christmas traditions, the new album, and his tips for dating (hey, this is Boundless after all!).

So why does Heath feel so strongly about no Christmas music until Thanksgiving is over? “The Christmas season doesn’t seem special anymore,” he explains. “We’re celebrating Christ’s birthday…and you don’t celebrate someone’s birthday for two-and-a-half months. It’s too much of a good thing.”

But now that we’re into December, it’s all systems go. For Heath, his first Christmas album of the season is always Bing Crosby’s White Christmas on vinyl. When it comes to Heath’s own album, the song he co-wrote called “Just a Girl” is special to him. The song highlights the innkeeper, one of the lesser-known figures in the story, and what he might have been feeling as he turned Mary away. Heath wonders if he might have felt remorse. “We all have the opportunity to say yes to God, even if we don’t know what’s in store. God can use anything at any time,” Heath explains. “For the innkeeper, here’s this opportunity to be part of history, and he said no. Mary said yes. I wonder, what if we said yes more?”

For Heath, the opportunity to say yes to God doesn’t have to be a huge event. “It’s just small acts of sacrifice. If the opportunity comes to serve someone … and that means you don’t get the glory at all. I think about that innkeeper and how there’s always room to say yes. We can always find a way to say yes.” For Heath, he does that through Ding Dong Ditch, one of his more unusual Christmas traditions. Together with his friends, they find someone who needs a little extra love at Christmas. They leave something on the front porch (groceries, kitchen stuff, money, whatever people need), ring the doorbell, and run.

So what advice does Heath offer to the guys in regards to a first date? “Don’t propose on the first date!” he jokes. “No Italian food. Spaghetti is just ugly to eat, and you’re trying to make a good impression. Also, flowers go a long way. Remember to open her door. Be creative but don’t be crazy on the first date.” What about when it comes to buying your girlfriend a Christmas present? “No clothes — just don’t even try! Pay close attention to what she’s talking about the months before Christmas. Make a list on your phone to help you remember. And wrap it in something really cool. Show some effort!”

So if you’re looking for some new Christmas music, check out Christmas Is Here. It’s December, so you’re in the clear!

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