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Does Your Faith Go the Distance?

Hi, my name is Ashley, and I’m a Boundless Line

lurker. Phew, I feel better admitting that. But I’m no longer trolling

around the site making up comments in my head and then never

posting them — I’m a new contributor. Pleased to meet all of you!

The idea for this post comes courtesy of my mom.

Now, you have to understand that my mom doesn’t always understand the

Christian dating culture (one time she sent me a book on

dating by Dr. Phil and another time offered to pay for an online dating

service for me as a birthday gift), but during one particular

conversation in which I whined about being single in a world of married

friends, my mom said something that has stayed with

me. She said that maybe God is using this season to develop long faith

in me.

I’ve thought about that a lot. And I like the

idea that the very thing I wish I could change in my life is actually

helping me to know God in a way that increases my faith.

I think that some struggles develop in us deep faith. Like when we’re

in an intense time of suffering or doubt or hardship, but there’s an end

in sight. I think about when I was laid off from my dream job and then

broke up with a boyfriend three months later.

It was hard, really hard, but I knew in time it would get

better. And it did, and I knew that my faith was deepened because when I

seemed to hit rock bottom, God’s everlasting arms were deeper still. On the other side, I saw God’s faithfulness.

But what about when there isn’t an end in sight?

What about when you’re still months or years away from being on the

other side? Maybe you’ve been praying for a spouse and God

seems silent on the matter. Maybe you’ve been praying for a friend or

family member who isn’t a believer. Or you’ve applied for 67 jobs, and

you’re still a college grad praying your degree is worth something. I

think that’s where we learn long faith. And by

definition, long faith takes time. Lots and lots of time. But then

we’ll know our faith can go the distance. It’s not only deep, but also


So whether you meet the love of your life tomorrow

or next year, or you find a job on Thursday or next April, you’ll see

God’s answer to your prayers. And in the meantime, you’ll

know your faith can sustain you. Because in the meantime is when we

develop long faith.

Is there something God has used in your life to teach you long faith?

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