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Four Dates You Can Use This Weekend

Is there someone special you’ve been hesitating to ask out? Here are four date ideas that seem to garner great results. (That’s just my opinion.)

  1. The join-me-and-my-friends-date. This can be the perfect way to get to know a girl in a comfortable setting. Just before I began dating my husband, Kevin, he invited me to a game night with some of his friends. In the get-to-know-you phase of a relationship, inviting the girl to be part of your group of friends can be a great way to spend time together without the pressure.
  2. The favorite activity date. Have you met someone who enjoys the same activity you do? Invite her to join you. One of my friends likes to mountain bike. When he learned Maria, a friendly girl he met at church, shared his interest, he asked her to join him on a ride. Doing something they both enjoyed provided the perfect atmosphere to get to know each other. They soon discovered other things they had in common, and two years later they’re married with a baby.
  3. The special event date. Special events give guys a great opportunity to spend time with that girl they’ve had their eye on. One guy I know first began dating his now-wife after he invited her to a special military dinner. Before the event he had known her as just a nice girl who had attended his high school, but that event began the romance that led to marriage.
  4. The this-is-definitely-a-date date. The three previously mentioned dates are good starter dates. However, once your intentions could become unclear to the woman you’re showing interest in, you should initiate a date or conversation that leaves her in no doubt of your affections. After the join-me-and-my-friends-date, Kevin invited me to go hiking (favorite activity date). But when he picked me up, he brought me flowers. Though the date itself could have been viewed as a friend thing, the flowers gave away the fact that it was not. Kevin’s boldness impressed me. Yes, showing up at my door with flowers was a risk, but he knew my response would either propel the relationship forward or end it before it entered the buddy zone.

Is there someone you’ve been wanting to get to know better? Why not give one of these four dates a try this weekend. Any other suggestions out there?

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Suzanne Gosselin
Suzanne Hadley Gosselin

Suzanne Hadley Gosselin is a freelance writer and editor. She graduated from Multnomah University with a degree in journalism and biblical theology. She lives in California with her husband, Kevin, and her four young children: Josiah, Sadie, Amelia and Jackson. When she’s not hanging out with her kids, Suzanne loves a good cup of coffee, conversation with friends, musical theater and a trip to the beautiful California coast.

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