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Keep Your Chin Up

As I’ve mentioned a few times before, I recently cut some foods out of my diet because I suspected food allergies or intolerances. When I asked my doctor about a food allergy test, he sent me to have some lab work done. To my surprise, everything came back negative.

I had an interesting week last week, incorporating some of those foods back into my diet and experiencing some unwanted reactions. Thinking the blood tests may have been false negatives, I made an appointment with an allergist for some skin tests.

As it turns out, I’m actually allergic to quite a few things, including dairy, soy, rice, oats and egg whites. To my dismay, rice is a substitute in all my gluten-free foods. I was discouraged the last time I had to cut out foods, and now that list is even longer.

Eating out is basically history. Buying any kind of processed food isn’t really an option anymore. I’m relieved to know what has been causing the majority of my health issues over the last few years, but the news couldn’t come at a more inconvenient time.

I won’t be able to eat any of the food we selected for the wedding, but that’s not the worst part. I’ll also be allergic to our wedding cake!

It’s incredibly hard to comprehend that giant damper on our upcoming wedding day, but it also forces me to keep my perspective on what really matters. And not just for the wedding, but life in general.

The wedding cake isn’t important. Am I disappointed? Absolutely. But the marriage is far more important. I’m certainly not allergic to the ceremony! I love foods like any type of cheese you can imagine, pastas, breads and chocolate. Those are no longer safe foods. But I can either choose to focus on what I can’t eat, or I can focus on what I can.

Instead of being able to eat out, I can save money by buying all my own food and making meals myself. It’s a healthier option. And my fiancé loves to cook, so allergy-free recipes are something we can explore together.

Now I spend a lot of time praying over my food before and after I’ve eaten, asking God to allow it to nourish my body and not cause any adverse reactions. I spend a lot of time asking God how I can be a good steward of my body and my health.

I have to keep giving myself little pep talks, assuring myself that I can adjust to all these dietary changes just like I did the last time. The major difference is that last time I didn’t think the changes would be permanent. This time they are.

It’s easier if I tell myself God has a plan for it, that my body will be healthier for all my efforts to avoid certain allergens. And so I give it my best attempt to lay my burdens at the foot of the cross and stick my chin up in confidence going forward. If I can try to have a positive attitude, the whole thing won’t be so bad.

What battles are you facing that prayer and a positive perspective can make better? Our problems don’t look so daunting if we adjust our perspective to focus on our blessings instead. It’s difficult, but it’s a journey we don’t walk alone. God is with us.

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