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Mid-Year Review

Can someone tell me how we’re already half way through 2010? I know someone out there will probably remind me that there is thing called time that is broken down into these segments called days, weeks and months, and the passage of those blocks is how we’re now in June. Thanks for the lesson.

So with the midway point of the year approaching, I thought I’d do a little mid-year review to think back on just a few of the things that have happened to me this year.

I moved to New York.

I’ve been in 8 states, which includes a road trip from Michigan to Georgia. Ohio is….special.

I’ve seen three broadway plays, one of which I just did for the heck of it one Thursday night. That’s the cool thing about living in New York. In slow nights in Atlanta I’d go to Target. Here I go see Phantom of the Opera.

The iPad came out and while it didn’t exactly revolutionize my life the way Apple promised it would, I’m pretty happy with it. Anyone else counting down to the new iPhone?

I tried Moroccan food for the first time.

I had someone threaten to stab me on the subway and I was standing right next to the failed bomb in Times Square. Those aren’t exactly what I would call highlights but they make for great conversation starters.

I recently decided to try a new look with a mild faux-hawk and the Bret Favre week old beard. I think I like it, and I haven’t gotten asked to join a boy band yet so I’m pleased about that.

I’ve walked into a cardboard cut out of Matt Lauer. (long story)

I saw Jim Gaffigan in the airport.

I’ve realized that air conditioning should be considered one of those inalienable rights that they talk about in the Constitution.

I’ve gotten on Twitter and rejoined Facebook – which interestingly enough has been the most life changing decision I’ve ever made. However I’ll save that story for another blog.

Why mention all of those random things, you may ask? Well A) I just wanted to and random is what I do best. But B) while there were many moments from 2010 where I’ve wondered what exactly was going on in my life and thought I was in a stretch filled with seemingly innocuous experiences, now I’m able to look back and see that God miraculously used the experiences of the last few months – both funny and serious – to orchestrate each one of my steps and begin a new chapter in my life that has been nothing short of wonderful. And that’s not something I thought I’d be saying when 2010 started.

What kind of random or serious experiences have helped shape your 2010?

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Nathan Zacharias

Growing up, Nathan always had a passion for media, and he believes in its ability to shape a culture. A good word, a good image or good music can help people think, feel and change. Though he’s spent most of his years in Atlanta, he’s also lived in Colorado Springs and New York City. He and his wife, Sarah, married in 2011. They live in Atlanta with their dog, Belle.


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