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More Questions to Help Exercise Wisdom in Dating

I asked my friend if I could print the rest of her list of questions to ask a potential spouse, and she agreed. (See “Asking the Scary Questions.”) Please keep in mind that this is one person’s list and is not meant to be comprehensive. Also, the questions are not written to be asked directly to the man; the questions are directed at the woman for her to consider. My friend writes:

If she doesn’t know the answer to a question, and it’s important to her, she may need to tactfully ask him some questions about that subject. Or, she may need to ask questions of his friends or parents, or make other observations. These are meant to get her thinking about things she may not have yet considered. And it may help her think of other questions.


  • Will he be the spiritual leader of your home?
  • When you share with him your deepest spiritual thoughts, does he relate?
  • Do his life and conversation reveal that he is truly connected with the Savior?
  • Do his goals in life show that he wants to please the Lord above all?
  • Are his goals in life compatible with yours?


  • How does he handle anger?
  • (Added by me) Does he demonstrate emotional stability?


  • Do you respect him intellectually?


  • Does he have a gambling addiction?
  • Does he have a spending addiction?
  • How does he handle finances (budgeting, what he spends money on, tithing)?
  • Is he a diligent, dependable worker?
  • Does he make enough money to support you and future children?
  • Does he expect you to work outside the home, or does he expect you to stay home with the kids?

Again, these questions are not restricted to the guys. They’re just good questions meant to help you exercise wisdom as you move forward with relationships. What questions would you add?

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