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Moving Ahead

About a month ago, Focus on the Family announced a realignment prompted by a number of things, including a desire to refocus our efforts on what Focus does best — share the gospel, help folks build strong marriages and families, speak for those who can’t speak for themselves, and defend truth in the public square.

Our leadership also committed to reducing the budget for the organization this year — a decision that was neither unexpected nor uncommon. Corporations and nonprofits everywhere are making changes and revising their priority structures in light of the economy. Good stewardship has long been a non-negotiable here at Focus on the Family. Every dime that comes into this ministry is purposed in the best way possible to help hurting families worldwide, and because of this, hard decisions had to be made. We talked about some of these decisions here.

Boundless was affected by this process, and as a result its staffing structure is changing. Most of the Boundless team will be pursuing new ventures, though that doesn’t mean their contributions to Boundless will necessarily cease. Case in point: You can read here about how God is leading Steve and Candice toward some exciting new steps in ministry and as a family. We’ll be keeping tabs on them (they still have to find me a husband, remember) and hopefully hearing from them occasionally on the blog and beyond.

In the meantime, after 11 great years, I left the media and public relations team here at Focus and have joined Boundless full-time. My new role is as program director for young adults, and I’ll be responsible for Boundless and our other efforts on behalf of Xers, Millennials and basically all those on their way to becoming the families of tomorrow.

It’s obvious that I wouldn’t be able to do this job were it not for the vision of Steve, Candice, Motte, Ted and others who built the foundation of what Boundless is today. I’ve shared many times what an influence Boundless has had on me personally. In many ways, it changed my life. So while my role until now has been primarily as the borderline-sane host of the podcast and occasional blogger, I am passionate about jumping in more fully and carrying on the ministry of Boundless because I know first-hand how important it is.

Please pray for me. Pray for my transition into this role, for wisdom in setting priorities, making decisions, getting things done and elevating Jesus in the process. Pray for Steve, Candice, Motte and Ted as they look ahead to where God’s taking them from here. And pray for Focus, that this organization which has been around for over 30 years will continue to impact families in a relevant and compassionate way to the glory of God.

In the meantime, Boundless will continue. There will still be articles, blog posts and podcasts. Some things may be scaled back, but hopefully new things will be introduced. Have patience with me as I stumble through the transition and get things up and running again. I hope to have someone fill a newly created editor/producer position as soon as possible. If you’re interested and qualified, submit an application here.

Many of you have benefited greatly from Boundless. I know, because you’ve written in with your stories. One of my great hopes for Boundless is that we’ll take 12 years of great content and make it available to thousands — no, hundreds of thousands — of new young adults. Help me start the process by telling everyone you know about Boundless. Tell your friends, your church, your college professors, your pastors and mentors — everyone. Let’s not keep Boundless to ourselves. It’s too good not to share.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Boundless has the best audience ever. We’re a family, and I’ve never felt that more than I feel it now. Thanks for sticking with us. I’ll see you on the site, on the podcast, and hopefully in person at some point.

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About the Author

Lisa Anderson

Lisa Anderson is the director of Boundless and young adults at Focus on the Family and hosts The Boundless Show, a national radio program and podcast. She loves connecting with single young adults and strategizing how to better equip them for life, relationships and a faith that goes the distance; she does not love managing budgets or signing contracts, but realizes that’s part of her job, too. Lisa can often be heard at conferences and on radio and TV, getting worked up about dating, relationships, faith and hip-hop. She grew up in San Jose, California, is a graduate of Trinity International University in Chicago, and spent a good chunk of her life in media relations before joining Boundless. She runs to counterbalance her love of pastries and chicken tikka masala, and often quotes her mom, who’s known to say outrageous things. She’s the author of The Dating Manifesto: A Drama-Free Plan for Pursuing Marriage with Purpose (David C. Cook). Follow Lisa on Twitter @LisaCAnderson.


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