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Our General Calling


I thought Ted’s post on calling was interesting and brought up some good points. However, I would like to take the discussion in my post in a bit of a different direction.

I have always known that I wanted to be a writer. When I was young, I wrote and illustrated my own “magazine,” my dad would make copies of it for me at work, and I would sell it for 25 cents an issue. (If any of you would like a back issue of “Fun Tips for the Month” you may email me, and I will search through my mom’s attic for an old copy. Please keep in mind that the price has gone up to 43 cents an issue due to inflation.) I was in the writing concentration at my high school, and I majored in journalism in college. I’ve always enjoyed writing, and I’m decent at it.

Does this mean that writing blog posts for Boundless is my calling? Umm, perhaps. Would I be denying God’s will for my life if I decided to be an engineer instead? I’m not so sure.

I think that God has given us all skills that we are to be using for His glory. If I write, I should do so to honor the Lord. If you are an accountant, praise God through the beauty of 2+2 equaling 4. When we marry, we should glorify God through the way we love and serve one another.

The hesitation I have in looking for clear answers from God about specific callings in our life is that it has a tendency to paralyze people. I have seen a number of students who are about to graduate from college and have no clue what God’s calling them to do. Since they don’t know, they fret about it or get a temporary job while they wait for the voice of the Lord to tell them exactly where they are to go.

As some of you have commented on, many of the people who were called by God in the Bible were literally called by God. They heard His voice and He either told them to go somewhere or spread some message. That doesn’t happen for us all the time anymore, so what are we supposed to do — work at the gas station down the street until God’s voice booms out of heaven?

No. Even if we’re not exactly sure what career to pursue, every single one of us knows what our calling is.

Our calling as Christians is to love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul and mind, and to love our neighbor as ourselves. And we are to make disciples of all nations. It’s fairly simple.

I think we have the tendency to run around looking for ways to be world changers, when what we’ve really been called to do is the everyday process of loving the Lord and those around us in whatever situation we happen to be in (working at Starbucks, running a company, being a wife, going to the store, being single). We are obviously supposed to be looking for our calling in our work and service — we will hopefully end up doing something that we enjoy and that pleases God. But in the end, we know our calling. And, although it’s difficult to put into practice, it’s quite a simple concept.

So, yes we are to seek out God’s will for us. But sometimes He doesn’t reveal whether you should take the job at “Accountants R Us” or “Numbers-N-Things.” He just asks that you follow the greatest commandments along the way.


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