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Prepare Even Now

Where do you see yourself in 10 years? In a decent job? Married? Maybe with a child or two?

People expect us to go to college to prepare for a career. How many of us are intentional enough, though, to prepare for things that are arguably more significant than bringing home the bacon? How many of us spend time even now studying to be a good spouse and a good parent?

I’m very grateful that I had opportunities to attend university and grad school. My years studying journalism and English and intercultural communication and education and squash have equipped me for the job I’m in now, a job I absolutely love. Those years of preparation have made me competent (some of you may disagree, I admit) to act as editor of Boundless.

During my early years I somehow found myself with a vision for marriage and parenting. And so just as I was preparing for my occupation, I was preparing to become a husband and father. I read books. I listened to audio messages. I listened to Focus on the Family (no, honestly, I did). I observed couples that were doing well with each other and their kids. I was enjoying my single years, but I was also getting ready for the next season of life.

I figured that just as I didn’t want to show up at an employer’s office unequipped to do the job, I didn’t want to show up at the wedding altar unprepared for marriage. And I realized that cramming for either test would be foolish.

One of the goals of Boundless is to cast a vision for marriage and children, and to share what we’ve learned about how to have a great “next season of life.” For some of you, marriage is years off. Some of you may end up serving the Lord unmarried until you go to your reward (a life commended by Scripture). And some of you have already set the date for your wedding (congrats!).

The thing is, just as it was prudent of me to prepare for a career years in advance of accepting the job here with Boundless, I’m thinking that it was wise to prepare years ahead for the season of life that I’m in now. My wife and two daughters (and the tiny tiny baby on its way) are happy that I did.

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