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One Way to Remember Our Jewish Roots


This past Wednesday, I led a Seder with my Bible study. Seder is a dinner to commemorate the beginning of the Jewish holiday of Passover. Now, I’m not Jewish (although I am fascinated with learning more about the culture of biblical Israel). I like to celebrate Passover because there is so much to learn about the ways the Jewish people worship God — the way Jesus worshiped God when He was here on earth.

Passover is celebrated by the Jews because God commanded that they do so in Exodus 12. It is a holiday to commemorate their deliverance from slavery in Egypt. Passover speaks of freedom and redemption, all the while remembering God’s goodness.

Throughout the meal you bless God for specific acts and you eat elements from the Seder plate to remind you of slavery in Egypt. There is a retelling of the plagues and there is a section for remembering that even one act from God would’ve been enough for us — because we deserve nothing.

Jesus’ Last Supper was a Seder — when He gave the command for us to remember Him through communion, He was simply using elements that were already part of the meal. In the book of Mark when it says that Jesus and the disciples sang a hymn, they most likely sang the “Hallel” — words from the Psalms that are sung during a Seder.

There is so much during Passover that points to Christ. It is a beautiful way for us to remember our redemption this Easter season. I would encourage all of you to participate in a Seder yourself. It’s a wonderful way to experience the Jewish roots of Christianity.


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