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Saints You’ve Known

At my church we recently celebrated All Saints Day, understanding “saints” not as extraordinary Christians but as all who are in Christ, in this world and the next. Among the hymns was one especially lovely I’d rarely heard, “We Sing for All the Unsung Saints”:

We sing for all the unsung saints,
That countless, nameless throng,
Who kept the faith and passed it on
With hope steadfast and strong
Through all the daily griefs and joys
No chronicles record,
Forgetful of their lack of fame,
But mindful of their Lord.

“Through all the daily griefs and joys no chronicles record.” But they should be recorded. So let’s do our part here. Who are some of the everyday saints you’ve known who go about their work, unspectacularly but faithfully, for Him? What are some of the ways you’ve seen them do it?

A couple of suggested (not ironclad) guidelines: Full names aren’t needed, since we’re recording their works for the same reason these people do them, not for personal credit, but for God’s glory. Also, try to think of people other than your parents, since we’ve talked about parents in other posts.

Let your stories begin. Soli Deo gloria!

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