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Sick and Alone

Brunette sneezing in a tissue

Being sick when you’re single is no fun. You’re wishing someone would bring you soup, run to the store for medicine, or just watch TV with you.

But some see sickness as an opportunity to read Scripture and lean on the Lord.

Viewing sickness as an opportunity to rely on God reminded me of Jenny Schroedel’s article about sleep, “A Third of Our Lives.” You can almost replace the word “sleep” with “sickness” in this passage from Jenny’s article:

Sleep is also a reminder of our mortality…. As C.J. Mahaney writes, “Don’t just fall asleep but seize the moment to weaken pride and cultivate humility by acknowledging that you are not self-sufficient, you are not the Creator. Sleep is a daily reminder that we are completely dependent upon God.”

For most of us, sickness isn’t a daily reminder of anything. But when it hits, we become keenly aware of our dependence on God. This is a lesson Dr. Mohler learned during his recent medical crisis. He writes, “We are weak and vulnerable creatures who remain dependent from the moment we are born until the moment we die.”

Whether you’re single or married, this may be the greatest comfort of all.

What lessons have you learned from being sick?


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