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Stocking Your Spiritual Pantry

There used to be a cooking show on network TV that I watched during one of my seasons of morning sickness. It was before I knew about the Food Network, and since we’ve rarely had cable, and never satellite, it was the best option during hours of occupying the couch.

Anyway, I remember one episode more than any other. In it, the host, Ainsley Herriott, would show up unannounced at someone’s home, scrounge around their pantry and fridge and make something delish (or try to) with the ingredients they had on hand. No advance warning.

One of the couples was caught with little more than a can of tuna fish and some green onions. What he whipped up was surely tasty — they seemed impressed — but think of what he could have done if they’d known he was coming! Or even if they’d just gotten home from the gourmet market.

As I was writing this week’s Q&A, it struck me that prayer is like that. The Scriptures that we memorize are the ingredients in our cabinets, and the Holy Spirit is the chef. When we pray, the Scriptures He brings to mind are comprised of the ones we’ve taken the time to study and hide in our hearts. He is the promised, and much-needed, Comforter, and His Comfort is unequal.

But I wonder if by not memorizing God’s Word, large chunks of it, we’re limiting the ingredients He has to work with. Certainly He can guide us to Scriptures that speak to our circumstances if we ask Him to. He can speak through our pastor or mentor, and direct us to certain verses when we’re reading the Bible. And Romans 8:28 and Philippians 4:13 have carried many a believer through trying circumstances.

But I wonder if by failing to study His Word, to memorize it and meditate on it, we’re saying no to a vast and stunning buffet. Settling instead for what you can make with a can of tuna.

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Candice Watters is the editor of, a weekly devotional blog helping believers fight the fight of faith by memorizing Scripture. She is the author of Get Married: What Women Can Do to Help it Happen. In 1998, she and her husband, Steve, founded Boundless.


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