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How My Ring, Cat and Fireplace Point Me to God

I went shopping last week and discovered a new Christian store recently opened in the mall. They had a case of Scripture rings, and I had to get one. I wanted one that would be personal to me and have significance for the kind of Scriptural reminder I continually need.

The one I picked is based on Psalm 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God.” That Scripture is printed on the bottom of the band. On the top part of the ring, “be still” is cut out in cursive lettering. The word “God” brings to mind so many characteristics that in the midst of trials, I forget to be still and dwell on the fullness of who He is and His sovereignty.

It’s been a rough week as I’ve been dealing with food allergies and how holiday gatherings like work potlucks and family dinners are going to work. Josh started a new job that requires a daily commute, and we’ve been caring for our kitten after she had surgery last week to be spayed. We’ve gotten a little more scatterbrained, doing things like leaving food out overnight to spoil on accident.

Life gets a little crazy sometimes, but God is reminding me this week to be still, to recognize that He is God and that my life rests securely in His hands. No matter what trials I face, God is still God, and He’s still seated on the throne. He’s unfathomably loving, forgiving, gracious and caring. While my circumstances change, these two things are constant: God remains my Father, and I remain His child.

Now whenever I’m anxious or upset about something, I can look down at my hand and see those words be still. They remind me that God is in control, and that reminder brings me peace.

I have some other things around the apartment that remind me to focus on God. Above our fireplace, we have four decorative bricks that spell out “pray.” When we were naming our kitten, I kept thinking of the word grace. I wanted to name her Gracie to remind Josh and me to always have grace with one another in our marriage. Just like God’s grace, she follows us everywhere.

But my new favorite reminder is my ring. For others, it might be a note on your bathroom mirror, a magnet on your fridge or a piece of wall art. Maybe it’s a card in your wallet, wallpaper on your computer, or an open Bible in your house.

If you don’t have any reminders like that, I encourage you to place one or two things around your house. It doesn’t matter how small or how noticeable they are as long as they encourage your faith.

What are some of your favorite tangible reminders that refocus your attention on God?


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