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Why I Got Married and Started an Internship Three Days Later

Just a few months ago I was certain I had missed my calling and had chosen the wrong major. Thankfully, the Lord has been working in my heart and for my good as He led me to the Boundless internship.

Hi, everyone! My name is Becca Flesher: follower of Christ, newlywed, hiking enthusiast — and this summer’s Boundless intern. I’m a senior at Kansas State University studying Agricultural Communications.

I know, I’m a fish out of water as a ministry intern. However, this summer is far from happenstance. Just a few months ago I was certain I had missed my calling and had chosen the wrong major. Thankfully, the Lord has been working in my heart and for my good as He led me to the Boundless internship.

It was December 4, 2021. I was defeated. Months of applying for summer internships led to interviews and offers, but resulted in an unfulfilled, unsettled feeling. I clicked submit on three Focus on the Family internship applications, hoping for just one email in return.

I was determined to break out of the agricultural industry but found myself stuck trying to figure out my career calling rather than letting the Lord lead me. I was still bitter that He had placed me in my hometown last summer and was desperate to prevent that from happening again. If I could just get an email back from this business, if I could just … well, you get the picture. I wasn’t exactly letting the Lord have full control.

On December 17, 2021, God opened the first door. A Focus phone screening. I was so nervous that I didn’t sleep the night before, then stumbled over the word gospel three times while telling my testimony. What can I say? The thought of working with Focus on the Family would be a dream come true. I began to feel that my career “calling” wasn’t totally down the drain.

Thirteen days later, I got engaged. We set the wedding date for the day before the Focus internship was scheduled to start, so in my heart I gave up the dream of Colorado for my desire to become Will’s wife. Five days later, I missed a phone call. I had made the second round of interviews for the Boundless internship, but my heart sank. I believed God’s blessing had run out on me, that the faucet was turned off. No way would I become a fiancé and obtain a dream internship in the same month. However, I began to pray and thank God for His provision. The door swung open wide for God to work in my heart from then on, bringing me to deeply trust His direction, regardless of a career or intern title.

I pulled out my list of internships and called my fiancé to tell him that I had to decline the next step with Focus. I did not even get through my first sentence before his quick and confident response, telling me to move forward in the process. Will was certain that God would provide in full if He had truly opened the door. I rebutted, but Will again encouraged me to take the next step and trust the Lord’s plan, even if I couldn’t see my desired outcome as a reality.

I called Focus back the next day. The Lord provided an answer for each concern I voiced, and I was again encouraged to take the next step. The Lord was teaching me to lean on Him and take each step in faith.

Next came my interview with the Lisa Anderson. I clicked on the meeting link to join and remember resetting my heart and mind on the truth, forgoing the belief that I had just simply missed my opportunity to try out ministry communications. My choice was again simple: turn to anxiety and fear that I would be “stuck” in an agricultural internship, or trust that the Lord would continue to open doors that only He could open. My mentor reminded me often that if I didn’t get the position (or any position), I would still be able to serve and bring Him glory another way.

To make my long story short, I was offered and accepted the internship with Boundless. The Lord provided a multitude of answers and options for each need. Will and I needed affordable temporary housing; the Lord provided. Will needed a summer job; the Lord provided. I needed to come late to the internship due to the wedding, and the Lord provided me with an understanding and gracious supervisor.

I’m continuing to learn how to wait and trust God’s plan, not my own understanding or perception of circumstances. His ways are better than mine. He hasn’t and won’t fail me. He knows my heart and what is best for it. He desires to bless His children, even when we are the furthest from deserving His divine blessing. I was trying to find it in career achievements and positions but instead rediscovered the calling to seek the Lord and allow Him to use me for the Kingdom. My major may not be ministry focused, but my summer internship journey has already propelled me closer to Him through learning to bring glory to God by humbly following His calling (Micah 6:8).

Trusting and obeying God with the next step is far from over. Will and I can’t solidify post-graduation plans yet, and I’m learning to be OK with that. In the uncertainty, I want to continue setting my heart upon the Word and giving God the control and room to place us where He can best use us. I hadn’t missed my calling; I simply had to reset my heart as a faithful servant to follow His calling.

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About the Author

Becca Flesher

Becca Flesher is a senior at Kansas State University with a passion for agriculture, hiking and living for Christ. She can often be found traveling to the nearest national park, spending time with her family or playing monopoly deal with her husband, Will.  As a Kansas native, she grew up showing livestock on the competitive, national level through 4-H, fueling her decision to major in Agriculture Communications. However, one summer internship in Colorado Springs as the Boundless intern changed it all for her as she has shifts her career goals to the non profit sector and works to fully seek His plan over her own.

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