Allison Barron

Hailing from the cold reaches of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Allison is the general manager of Geekdom House, executive editor of Area of Effect magazine, co-host of the Infinity +1 podcast, and staff writer for Christ and Pop Culture. When she’s not writing, designing, or editing, she is usually preoccupied in Hyrule, Middle-earth, or a galaxy far, far away.

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5 Characters Who Chose Peace Over Violence

The Bible is full of stories about violent acts done in God’s name, but Jesus presents an alternative during His stay on earth: acting as a healer rather than a warrior.

7 Tips for Dating if You Have Anxiety

Anxiety is difficult enough, but adding another person to the mix through a dating relationship takes courage. I’m of the opinion it’s worth it, though.

Love vs. Legalism: The Bible Is Not a Rule Book

I spent a lot of my childhood combing the Bible for rules on behavior. It was easier to see the world in black and white than deal with confusing moral questions. I didn’t ponder what the most loving act was in each situation — I just followed the rule …

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