Lindsay Blackburn

Lindsay Blackburn is an ordinary Montana girl who loves life and its many wild and crazy adventures. She works full time as the women’s and children’s ministry assistant at her church and enjoys hosting parties and teaching crafts as a side job. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English literature and a Master’s degree in education. In addition to being an occasional writer, she’s a bookworm, fitness junkie, traveler, foodie, and theology nerd. You can follow her on Twitter @ellesbee.

Most Recent

A Resolution to Watch My Words

While I want to make continual progress in the stereotypical categories of food, fitness and finances, a different area of health is on my mind for 2018.

It’s OK to Be OK

How can we acknowledge that life is a wonderful blessing when it isn’t always merry and bright? Is it OK to at times just be OK?

I Phub, You Phub, We All Phub

We assume we can meaningfully interact with our company while also engaging in texts or social media. It’s simply not true.

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