Ross Boone

Ross Boone is a writer/illustrator from Denver, now living in Atlanta. The desire to believe, despite living in this modern culture, is what compels him to search for creative answers. And he puts what he learns into words and pictures to share with others who might have similar questions. He is working on a Masters in Theology while he does freelance illustration and animation. He is getting ready to move into a Tiny House on wheels in a Tiny House Village made up of mostly formerly homeless people.

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What Would Jesus Post?

The digital age has opened whole new arenas of life. It’s like a new land we can take Christ’s light to.

Your Artistic Passion Has Purpose

Artistic expression doesn’t have to ooze crosses and fishes. Maybe it’s better to simply exemplify the character of Christ in art.

Pornography of the Heart

In the same way that pornography can set up false ideals of sex, idealized love stories build up expectations for love that are unlikely to be met.

5 Tips for Healing From a Breakup

Breakups are rough. I was reminded of this as a relationship ended a couple of months ago. Here are some things that helped me get through the hard times.

One-Sided Love

Maybe part of God’s purpose in giving us earthly romance is to show us His feelings toward us.

Hurting Bravely

I wanted to shower her with happiness. But so much hurt and confusion has filled my heart since then; it kind of makes me not want to love at all.

Survey Results: Dating Dos and Don’ts

I’ve heard many Christian dating “horror stories.” For the sake of helping people’s dating signals be more accurately deciphered, I ran a Facebook survey.

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