Denise Morris Snyder

Denise Morris Snyder is a mom, wife and part-time discipleship pastor at CrossRoads Church in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada. She previously worked as an editor for Focus on the Family and a writer for David C Cook. She has her Master’s in Old Testament Biblical Studies from Denver Seminary.

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Disneyland and the Power of Story

Disneyland was amazing. But it reminded me that all good stories point to something bigger — to God’s redemptive plan, to His beautiful story.

Proposals and Pinterest

You guys! Not only is today the first day of spring, but it is also National Proposal Day! Get your ring fingers ready for some bling! A guy named John Michael O’Loughlin invented the holiday after he said his cousin was strung along by her boyfriend f …

The Safety Zone

I took a break from writing my thesis Sunday night in order to watch the Grammys. Because, you know, going from exegesis of the book of Exodus to seeing Taylor Swift doing an Alice in Wonderland-themed performance with people in rabbit costumes is a sm …

Women of God

It has been encouraging to read these stories and see how God used women in a time and a place when it was difficult for women to be noticed or honored.

Small Kindnesses

I loved the post on Wednesday’s Stuff Christian’s Like blog, “Want to change the world in 3.2 seconds? ” Jon Acuff pointed out Usain Bolt, the Jamaican sprinter who is basically faster than a speeding bullet. This summer, while getting ready to run a r …

The God of Follow-Through

I’m working on my thesis, you guys. It’s so much writing. But luckily, it’s also pretty fascinating. Last spring, I mentioned that I would be writing my Old Testament Biblical Studies thesis on a theology of faith in action. I’m working on my first cha …

A Violent Reality

I saw The Dark Knight Rises this past weekend. I like to stay up on all the current trends. Actually, I was out of the country when the movie came out this summer, and then the aftermath of the Aurora shooting made me a bit wary of going. But some frie …

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