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An Allegorical Tale of Trust

She was stunned when she first came across it — a beautiful, delicate, small flower. The Creator said it represented her heart.

Breaking Free From Depression

If you are struggling with depression, you have God’s full attention. He sees you, loves you, and wants to deliver you.

Seasons Change

It occurred to me that nature’s rhythms, including the changing of the seasons, can point us to the ways of our Creator.

Daily Bread

Since God tells us we are not to live on bread alone, but on His Word, I think we can safely make that assumption — we need daily spiritual bread.

Singles Segregation

A strong case can be made for churches having a singles ministry, but can having one unintentionally ostracize singles from the rest of their church family?

God’s Glory Declared

A year ago, when I found out I would be in the perfect location to witness a total solar eclipse, I was beyond stoked.

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