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Thomas Jeffries

Thomas Jeffries is a journalist, editor and recreational basketball player. He was born on the east coast, grew up in the Midwest and now resides with his wife and kids in Colorado. Thomas has written for several magazines, newspapers and websites, but his greatest passion as a writer is long-form narrative nonfiction. His journalistic adventures have taken him from Washington, D.C., to inner-city Chicago to Florida’s death row. In his spare time, Thomas does a lot of mundane things — none of them worth describing in detail.

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Want a Quick Way to Ruin Your Relationship? Watch a Movie

Just last week, I was sitting with the object of my affection. I silently reached across the table and took her hand. I looked into her eyes, and I somehow knew — I just knew — exactly what she was thinking. You see, earlier that day I boarded a plan …

Is Boundless Biased Against Guys?

As I’ve said before, I get many of my ideas for this blog just by reading the reader comments. One theme that has come up quite a bit recently is the perception that Boundless is biased — sometimes subtly, sometimes not so subtly — against men. Some …

Looking For a Few Porn-Free Men … and Failing Miserably

  Say you’re a social science researcher — a really, really good one. Smart and all. And say you want to engage in one of those highfalutin studies, wherein you examine the effects of a particular influence or behavior on a carefully selected dem …

What’s Hair Got to Do With It?

I’m warning you right now — I’m about to make a sweeping generalization, and I am fully preparing myself for a reasonably hostile response. Most guys prefer women with longer hair. There, I said it. Now, I will immediately follow that comment with all …

Avoiding Relationship Paralysis

There’s a lot of good advice out there, but if you treat it as a set of inflexible rules and restrictions, you could fall prey to relationship paralysis.

Modern Worship: All About Me

It happened again on recent Sunday. I was in church — a congregation I’ve faithfully and contentedly attended for nearly a decade now — and as we sang several songs of worship, I couldn’t help but think of the book “In Christ Alone” by Sinclair Fergu …

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