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Gossip: Destroyer of Community

A pastor, a friend, his wife! Yet no one seemed to care enough to confront or even ask him about the gossip that was being shared.

3 Ways to Limit Your Screen Time

Thanks to smartphones, the amount of time we spend on things like streaming TV shows, games and social media is staggering. How can we limit ourselves?

No, Your Pain Isn’t “OK”

Last week, a few of my close friends went through some pretty painful circumstances. One just ended a long-term relationship, another is struggling with parental rejection, and the last is still reeling from a death in the family. As I’ve listened to s …

Maybe it’s Time to Stay in Your Comfort Zone

I was about 13 when I first remember hearing the call to “step out of my comfort zone.” I was at a church chapel, and a visiting missionary was urging the students of my Christian school to consider signing up for a summer mission trip. Since then, I’v …

Finding the Balance: Speak Up or Stay Silent?

With the recent ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court regarding same-sex marriage, Christians have wrestled with how to respond. Various groups and leaders have taken stands on both sides, and the Internet is filled with endless comments, ranging from the h …

Finding the Balance: Be Spontaneous or Stick to the Plan?

When it comes to how we schedule our time, personality probably plays a far bigger part than faith. While some Christians are more comfortable with a set schedule each day, others are more inclined toward spontaneity and perhaps don’t plan their days a …

Finding the Balance: Invest, Save or Give Away Your Money?

Money is a big deal. It’s probably the topic pastors and churches are most scared to talk about. (Well, perhaps apart from sex.) That’s because it’s a touchy topic (the money, not the sex) for many people. Why? Because many people want to be in control …

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