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Lindy Keffer

Lindy Keffer is very fond of her preschool daughter and toddler son, who are worth every ounce of energy it takes to keep up with them. Her husband makes videos for a living and helps with the dishes, which makes her smile. Her favorite thing about living in Colorado is 300-plus days of sunshine per year.


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How Do I Build Community?

We all want good, Christian community. But how do we cultivate it? Let’s look at how Scripture says we should be in community together.

I Did It!

  Saturday, Aug. 9, I ran my first 5K in like, um, six years. Here I am with my friend Karen at the end of it. Still alive. Whew. I’m mostly writing this just to finish the story. You know, the one where I haven’t exercised for about 5 years, and …

Giving Someone the Chance to Reject Me

Last week, my post introduced a college professor who gives students extra credit for dating. Because they literally don’t know how to ask one another out and spend time getting to know one another without skipping straight to making out or even having …

Losing our Promiscuity and Dating for Extra Credit

How do I know I’m a word geek? I remember titles of articles I read 14 years ago. That I remember is proof of my eggheadedness, but also testimony to the insight I found in a July 2000 Christianity Today cover story called “Losing Our Promiscuity.” It’ …

My Couch to 5K Training Fail

A month or so ago, when I wrote a post about doing the Pursuit 5K, I told our fearless Boundless editor, Martha, “Well, I guess I’m committed now.” After about five years of not exercising regularly, I had decided to get my workout on, and I set the Pu …

Having a Fight and Then Blogging About It

I am an admitted conflict-avoider. I lived with roommates for six years during and after college and never had a single roommate conflict of any magnitude. Not because I didn’t need to, but because I flat refused to. I didn’t see the point of conflict. …

Ready for the Real World: It’s Who You Know

It’s one of those cliches that’s cliche for a good reason: In the workplace, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know. I’d go so far as to say that the workplace relationships I’ve built have had more bearing on my career than any other single factor. …

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